Victron weather forecast

Well, blow me down …

From here:

To here:

I can see the minds turning on this gem of an addition. :slight_smile:

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VERY sweet!

Now, how to get this into home assistant

With the integration of ESP and now this arrival, I can see the opportunities.

As the screen was refreshed, the predicted and actual weather changed a wee bit, and the forecast was adjusted lower. I was impressed.

As not all weather apps are as close to the real thing, as:

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Even the Widget has been added, under Advanced.

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In HA:
Screenshot 2023-07-05 at 09.28.54


I have found solcast to be much more accurate, but also a lot more effort to get working in HA.

Actually, with the integration it might be much easier now.

I have found HA updates can kill the “vibe” (soos in 'n pletterstop) every now and then. :rofl:

Will wait and see how accurate the AI on the Victron weather prediction gets it.

As I prefer to have the system’s critical “decisions” contained on the Cerbo, in the NodeRED part.

But is this using the Victron data? I have the forecast in HA already, just keen to compare Victron to HA Default forecasting.

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You can now pull this data into Node-RED by importing it from VRM:
Venus OS Large image: Signal K and Node-RED [Victron Energy]

From what I can tell this is geared towards the Dynamic-ESS that’s coming ( GitHub - victronenergy/dynamic-ess) which is:

A Node-RED flow that uses VRM forecasting and algorithm to optimize when to sell, buy and hold the grid to zero. For use in systems that have hourly day ahead prices, which is the case in a big part of Europe.

Then don’t update.

There is a button … it has to be pressed. :rofl:

Ok, seriously now, you don’t update, the stuff you use gets updated, new features, stuff with really cool improvements, solving more things, betterment.

For the new version to work you need a new core update. Now because you have not updated for a very long time, a lot has been changed, removed, altered, and the system breaks spectacularly.

Alternative … you never update, new stuff comes out that you need, and you start a new setup from scratch.

I lost 4 HA setups because of such core system updates/changes over time. The changes were needed as they were problematic to start with, with lots of workarounds, and patches, hence they eventually had to make the updates.

That is why I decided to move core system setups onto the Venus/Cerbo. HA can deal with less critical stuff. Victron developers, and testers, test better. With easy-to-follow undo instructions.

I’m not scared to update., I know shiite can go down. I can take it.
Victron Release Candidate testing, I do that regularly. Even reported a bug or two over time.
Windows updates, always.
Phone/App updates, bring it on.
But HA, I gave up.

Just my experiences, as I don’t mind taking some pain when one updates stuff. Someone has to do that.

I missed this … seems it is going to be in NodeRED, this new addition from Victron.

Titbit: For those who don’t know, you can have NodeRED on the Venus/Cerbo/Rpi, if you enable the Large OS. The best thing ever, is when you update the Venus/Cerbo, NodeRED stays.

Looking at the new yield forecast for today, it seems they either need to tweak their algorithm a bit or use a different weather service:

That 19kWh forecasted yield seems wildly optimistic.

This is now being extended to include a consumption forecast:

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Saw this … the question:


Wow …

And …

All new …

Even more impressive to me, the predicted vs actual in the same graph…



Looks like AI is taking over your PV :supervillain: