By using EnergyTalk, you agree to these terms of service.

  1. Though we are for the most part nice people, we owe you nothing. We can revoke service at any time, should we feel that it is warranted.

  2. You must ask for permission to use data in ways not clearly intended through the website. This would include reverse engineering, scraping, copying, or redistribution of the data.

  3. No illegal or shady stuff allowed. You are bound by South African law, which among others include the constitution, most notably the bill of rights, and the electronic communications act.

  4. Expanding on point 3, the Bill of Rights says you shall not discriminate based on race, gender or religion. We are an open-minded bunch and we promote a pluralist approach rather than a secular one, but it is best if you stay out of such matters.

  5. Expanding even further on 3 and 4, the ECT act says no spamming. Don’t do it man!

  6. You remain responsible for all your actions on the site. If you behave badly, we can terminate you. Virtually speaking.

  7. In addition to point 6 above, given that South African law may hold administrators of electronic forums responsible for defamation, you are to refrain from such actions, or risk termination.

  8. You must own the content you distribute, or you must be licensed to do so.

  9. We are not a law firm. We offer no warranty, and we are not liable for the content on this site.

  10. Don’t use your banking password with this site. While we make every effort to keep your data safe, we don’t want to be responsible for any bad luck that befalls you in the event of a breach.

  11. Following on points 9 and 10, we have to discuss the topic of POPIA, that is the protection of personal information act. This behooves us to:
    a. Tell you what information we collect:
    b. Tell you what we use it for, and not use it for anything else
    c. Tell you what we’re doing to protect that information
    d. Have a plan of what to do should that information be leaked

  12. Our answers to point 11 would be:
    a. We collect your email address and a password. Any other information collected is not mandatory and you should only publish information you are comfortable with in the public domain. This is after all a public forum.
    b. We will use the chosen password to identify you. Duh! We will use your email address to send you notifications of activity, only in as much as you requested it. We will use it for password resets. We will not send you marketing material.
    c. Passwords are one-way (hash) encrypted. That is good practice since the late 90s. If that is ever cracked, please see point 10 above.
    d. If we ever have a breach, that would be the one time we’ll send you an email to tell you about it.

  13. Members of multiple forums: Please note that mentioning EnergyTalk on other forums may be considered a breach of their rules (though not ours). We unfortunately do not make the rules for others. Please keep this in mind when cross-posting or linking content.

  14. We allow members to advertise their products on our forum, but please follow the rules HERE!!