Energy Dashboard in HA (Energy history sensors)

@Sarel can you share your method for inputing battery charge/discharge into HA. I’m struggling with this…


Under setting then dashboards, the energy dashboard looks like so:

And the battery looks like this:


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This helped to confirm the following: Battery sensors for charge and discharge · Issue #89 · sfstar/hass-victron · GitHub bug in the hass-victron integration. Zero values in these 2 sensors.

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Do you know if it is possible to import into HomeAssistant? I’ve never tried to pull in data from VRM to HomeAssistant, just worked with ModBus to the Venus thus far.

I don’t use Home Assistant, but looking at the Venus OS Large image: Signal K and Node-RED [Victron Energy] they point to the API docs and specifically the VRM API documentation ( stats call which includes the irradiation forecast.

It sounds like a simple API call that can be integrated into Home Assistant.

On a side note, not sure if you’ve seen the blog post (Introducing Solar Production Forecast - Victron Energy) which explains the forecast a bit better.


Using MQTT Explorer I see these 2 values are null so I have found the issue… I think.

If they are null then the integration also displays null in the HA Energy Dashboard.

@plonkster Is this an issue I should raise on the modifications forum for Victron? I don’t know what the exact issue is or how to frame it?

Will the 301/302 ever be supported or is this a CAN.Bus issue (I hope not?)

Battery with DeviceInstance 512, which means it is a CAN-bms battery. Not all those batteries support energy counters. In fact few do. I assume yours doesn’t.

There is code in vrmlogger that calculates it from the other values (Multi, SolarCharger, etc). But that is not available on dbus/mqtt. You will have to do it yourself.

Or fit a SmartShunt/BMV to get these values. Or plead with battery maker to add them. CAN bus message 0x378.