Remote Console on VRM portal issues

HI all,

Tonight I’m experiencing some instability on my VenusGX – I noticed some of my ModbusTCP sensors coming and going.

I then went to the VRM portal to open up the remote console, but I keep on getting this error:

Read up a bit and found out about the http://venus.local/ method, which luckily works. Rebooted the VenusGX but still giving the same error in the VRM portal. I also logged out of the VRM portal and logged in again – same thing.

Is this something that “should” correct by itself, or is there something else I should do/try?

It is connected via Wifi, but I see the signal strength is about 60%. I have actually pulled through a LAN cable to the garage where the whole setup is, so might try to switch from Wifi to ethernet. Unfortunately, the garage seems to be a bit of a deadspot when it comes to Wifi – the alternative is to try and put another Ubiquiti access point there.

I can’t tell you whether the problem is definitely wifi related, but my Venus is hardwired and never gives me issues. Except when the main router unexpectedly shuts down (people messing with the plug), after which I seem to have to restart the Venus, otherwise it refuses to reconnect even though the network cable was never removed.

I didn’t know the venus.local method, I always just connect to the IP of the Venus, in my case. Remote console is too laggy for me.

As a rule I try to hardwire all fixed installations. The stability is just so much better, and if you are someone that cares about that type of thing, the ping is also less (about a third in my case, albeit already low).

I had this issue yesterday twice, for the first time in about 3 months. It sorted itself out.

No idea what caused it. I was under the impression its an internet issue.

There were some load issues on VRM today. A very long backlog. I believe it should be fixed now.

OK just checked again and the Remote Console works again – thanks all.

My wifi-connected Venus was pretty stable up to now – I would occasionally get a ModbusTCP sensor become “unavailable”, but never bothered me that much.

However last night was pretty bad - since I monitor the grid-side voltage levels in an attempt to check for a power outage, I found that when the sensors went offline, they would come back with a value of 0 for a couple of seconds, at which point my whole HA system would think that the grid is unavailable and would kick in power-saving measures.

Now I can definitely make the HA side a little bit more robust, but I think I will probably take the time and hardwire the Venus too.