Duplicate Company Name: GoSolr

Hi Jaco,

This looks like a company with a name very similar to yours…
Are you aware of this outfit??

Thanks Richard, there is a couple already with similar names, another member on the forum is the owner of Go Solar in the cape somewhere.

Ok. I was a bit suspicious of this offering… :thinking:
So what are their capital costs for:
8 x 455W mono solar panels
Sunsync 5kW hybrid inverter
Hubble 5.5kWh battery

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I think I know the guy. Or used to. German guy here in Somerset West, we’re actually from the same parts in Namibia. We were Facebook friends until there were multiple instances of shall we say negativity about the brand I represent, and then later on a Goodwe page where I tried to make a joke and got accused of… I’m not even sure what. Anyway, no longer recommending that guy.

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FYI, the gosolr option is not “rent to own” - it is closer to “solar as a service” business model.

You contract (for what I assume is a minimum of 24 months) for the particular size system you want (looks like they have 2 system offerings). They install and you give them R1500 (for their smaller system) or whatever per month until you give notice and cancel the contract. Monthly fee escalates annually based on the vague concept of “tied to CPI”.

You do NOT become owner of the installed system - EVER - unless you buy out of the contract (price for the buy-out looks to be about 150% of what the system component cost would be if installed from scratch).


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