Threadjacking/Splitting Threads

I think the unwritten rule here is that if the question is answered, then we can get on to the afterparty. But if users really find it very irritating, I won’t object if you want to change that.

I need to find a way to split content out to its own thread, i dont want to loose the content, but feel that i should clean some threads up


Is there a way for an admin to create a new thread in an “In the weeds” section and move posts to this thread? I know Recent Discussions — northernarizona-windandsun does this but I forum software may not be able to.

Here we go, a new one to discuss this

Next I guess I will derail my own threads now :rofl: :innocent:


I am looking into this, hoping to find some way.

For sure trying to keep order is a tough job!
I use Outlook for my correspondence since it is a record I can keep.
Saving the pst file allows you keep emails going back decades. I don’t use WhatsApp at all (mainly because of my dislike of Mr. Zuckerberg) but most people don’t care: Just throw all your records away like a consumable… :frowning:

Split into a new thread like this?

Happy to help if needed …

Thanks so much @mmaritz for the willingness to assist…

I just had a discussion with @plonkster and @Louisvdw and we all feel that we would gladly accept your offer…

Your moderation right will be in place in the next few minutes.

I don’t really mind it but it may be better to keep technical discussions separate from general discussion.

Maybe a good idea to create a off topic section where we discuss arb stuff.



Threadjacking isn’t so bad for regular users of the site – we see almost every response “live” and chime in when needed. Then when the question is answered (most of the time?) things go off the rails.

However, this is a terrible experience for anyone who doesn’t visit the site every day and make it almost unusable for newcomers. We have very few threads where a question gets discussed, multiple answer options given and debated, and then the thread ends. Or gets revived a month later with more on-topic info.

They all end with stock market / EV range / Toyota / tax (me) / etc. :frowning:

Even worse, sometimes they curve back, so you can never be sure if there is more relevant info to come. It’s difficult to follow a thread to just learn.

So, my 2c, derailing threads make the site unwelcoming to newcomers and hides the good on-topic information in a sea of weeds. Seaweeds if you will.


I also think the infinite scroll layout makes it infinitely worse - it is much more difficult to scope the length of a thread and try and work out where the real answer is and where it goes off the rail.

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@plonkster @mmaritz @JacoDeJongh @Louisvdw do what we doing on our audio forum. Their is a Open chat part and you will find a Open talk part where you can post. Here is a link, check below. AVForums South Africa - Index

I have created an off topic chat category. Lets see how it goes.
Link here: Off Topic

Expect off topic or “derailed” threads to be moved here as well.


Fully agree, and i must admit i have left it a bit to long?

We had an uncategorized section for off topics, but if the members dont use it, it is of little value…

Now at least, something i should have done sooner, we have moderators to help sort this “mess” out, but I ask every member to make the moderator’s lives easier by keeping the technical post clean and to the point while having a heap of fun in the “Off topic”…

I truly enjoy waking up to all the buzz on the forum…

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As moderators you guys just need to force the guys that direction. Just give it time, it will work and the old posters will catch up quickly and new people joining the group will catch the groove quickly. Energy talk forum will be great success.

Like on our audio forum, the moderators will inform the guys if they busy derailing a post. They will inform if the post is relevant or un-relevant and if the post is un-relevant and getting out of control, then they lock the post and send it off to decantation.

@mmaritz got the Off Topic up and running so lets check how it’s going. :slight_smile:

Must say, the few years @plonkster and I have been together on forums, man, not many people can derail a thread so fast and so properly as the two of us can, consistently.

It ALWAYS starts off with a Toyota vs … comparison, or a Suzi reference, or some philosophical musings, detailed off-topic explanations, and/or a nice story.

So toughen up you buttercups, the entertainment value is just too precious. :laughing:

However, I agree 100% that derailment makes for difficult reading so when a derailment must happen, I have a plan on how to use the new Off-Topic section for that, the entertainment value is just too precious to not do that.


The thing is, on the previous place (of which the name shall not be mentioned) I was not a moderator and when it was offered I refused. Even now, I am not much of a moderator. I have way too much of a preference for chaos (just enough to stay loose). Call me when the mail server stops working, that’s when I’m any good at “moderating” stuff. So I am very very glad we have new moderators on the job, and please… you are absolutely allowed to tell me to behave!

Never. Way too much fun to be had. :wink:

Its the static, most here have been shocked more than once :laughing:

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