A field for members who have been banned from other forums

I think this can be the best credential you may have!
I’m proud to broadcast that I was banned from MyBroadband. Reason: spamming!

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Were you selling DC-based backup solutions? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Banned twice and then deleted on that “other” forum. :laughing:

I was devastated, I cried my eyes out. Inconsolable … no one loved me …

… so I stirred some more drama behind the scenes … now THAT was fun!!! :+1: :wink:

Joke is, what they are doing today, I professed that since day one I joined that forum, for I knew where it started … this was the model:

This forum: https://forum.solar-electric.com/

Linked to this shop: https://www.solar-electric.com/

Must admit I have no issue with the model at all… just the “heavy handed” moderation of discussion etc.

How DID you guess??
Yes, they know all about spamming. You can hardly read the content with the assault one is subjected to…
And then there are the spotty faced schoolboys ranting about ‘pure sine wave inverters’

Neither did I … till I was told to stop “cyberbullying” … really, on email!!!, me making some excellent points on why that model should be enacted sooner than later … with Victron products sold in the same shop!? :man_facepalming:

The forum was offered to me to purchase, first time at something like R300k, if memory serves, based on "hits’ at the time. Second time R750k, if memory serves again, cause the forum has grown so much … being an Axpert, now Growatt, forum. Bugger SANS and NRS. :raised_hand:

And I sold Trojan batteries at one stage, as a commercial member, not having to pay … till I gave that over lock stock and barrel.

Anyhow, it was fun while it lasted. Met some good people there, all of them are here now.

I win! :wink:


I think this thread needs to move to Off topic discussion …
especially if I add… Zuma sentenced to 15 months in jail for being in contempt of court

Hah! We don’t have one. But we do have General Discussions, so this now lives there.

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I have seen quite a few threads get derailed on this forum. In fact I may have been partially to blame in some of those instances as well, but I guess as long as the OP doesn’t get upset at their thread going sideways then it’s ok.

Remember the Seinfeld episode with the Soup Nazi? Well… we don’t have a Thread Nazi here :slight_smile:

Only a grammar Nazi…


No soup for you! One year!

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You’re pushing your luck little man … No more soup for you … NEXT!!!


I am still banned, I was on the forum for hardly a month or two. I am still devastated as I was just starting to enjoy the other members and the learning. Without a forum like this I am never going to succeed. I read how @Vassen said installing a Solar was not to hard for him. Sure if like you are like TTT you can design your own battery!!! NO I am a needy solar learner who needs guidance . And worse, I was banned for posting a link to something as clarification.

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You read this, have you? Letting some smoke out! - #6 by TheTerribleTriplet
:+1: :raised_hand:

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I simply stopped going there after a heated debate over using a Sonoff Pow for controlling a geyser. Figured I wouldn’t want to stick around where bad advice is actively encouraged.

Some of us sommer banned ourselves. In fact, I changed my screen name to “Guest”, only to get a final warning for it. The guy who had over 1000 posts helping other people gives a serious indication that he’s fed-up, and the forum owner reacts with such hard-handed measures? I then changed my display name to ___ (three underscores) and it was actually accepted. Haven’t been back since. Cold Turkey.

The reasons were simple enough. A friend of mine was treated with disrespect. That was strike one. They were actively pushing competitors products, causing a conflict of interest. Strike two. And that stupid final warning. Strike three.

You still lurk in some corners though… like when someone replied to you post. Your full alias still shows.

Even my posts that were replied to are still visible even though my account and all my posts disappeared. Maybe they will read this and fix it. Then I am completely wiped out. :grinning:

From sonoffs it became crazy claimed info about batteries by the same poster based on zero evidence other than his opinion.

Yeah saw that. Pylons that show signs of “corrosion” inside on the PCB, but the rocket scientist doesn’t realise that it’s still flux residue from the assembly/cleaning stage. It became clear at that point that the place is heading on a different trajectory than I could stomach

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