Why am i just drawing from grid, no PV

Hi all…
I have more than 2000w PV potential atm, grid was down earlier and was pulling that from pv.
why now that grid backI’m drawing 1000w from grid and zero pv.


Grid code says not allowed to feed in for the first 10 minutes. It will slowly scale up.


… means what I think it does, that’s the “problem”.

you saying “problem” and @JacoDeJongh also looking and he also scratching head, saying this is strange…

then you know us plebs get worried.


Yeah, I’ve seen maybe something related a few times in the last few years. Even reported it.

SOC hits 100% and the PV sommer falls away, sometimes for a while, sometimes PV starts up again, but during this time Eskom is used.

Replies, let’s just say it left me a wee bit miffed.

Hence why I now set it to keep charge, to avert that, when SOC goes above 97%, using NodeRED.

Different story buddy… related only in as much as a butterfly is related to butter. We know why it happens, we can’t fix it without making another group of people angry. In the mean time, please don’t use Optimised with minsoc=100%.

Maybe you should have also led with that … as just with the Eskom coming back and the time it takes to sync with Eskom as per NRS regulations implemented.

More factors are involved and all that.

Figured that out myself in the end. :+1:

I’m happy now. I get it.

FWIW: In some cases, even >92% were too “high” … but that could also not be related in any way or form.

I have also wondered about this. Every time the grid comes back this happens and spot on it is about 10 minutes before PV will be supplying again.

I figured it must be the MPPT’s trying to establish what’s going on and to find their sweet power curve again and left it at that.

But learning that this is normal/programmed as such, it makes me feel better. When the grid comes back I always wait about 10 minutes before I start a heavy load as I know the supply will be coming from Eskom.

Thanks Plonkster.

This I’ve never seen happen though, and I watch my system a lot.

It’s enforced by NRS097. Yes, it is programmed, but the spec is from someone else. All inverters will do this in one way or another to comply with the grid code.

never seen my inverter do this before, but in my case it seems to have been stuck on grid only and not wanting to switch back to blend mode at all.
think more look/see might be needed on my logs side.

This is interesting. With a Quattro + Zhiel, how to you prevent feedback in the first 10 minutes? I can stop charging/heavy loads in the first 10mins but not feedback. I do it for 20mins btw.

Can you not have PV carry your own loads in the first 10/20mins and then go full blast feedback after that? I supposed 10 or 20mins is nothing in the bigger scheme of things but still - PV is there, use it.

Unsure. I think all feed-in is cut (even to your own loads) to ensure that nothing ends up feeding into the grid. Only way to be sure you’re compliant in this kind of setup? That is my guess, but I don’t really know.

I was curious - in veconfigure you may actually set the “Power ramp time” from minimum 60 to maximum 1200 seconds. The enforced grid standard stuff is usually not configurable?


But, in the actual NRS097 code (https://www.sseg.org.za/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/NRS-097-2-1-2017-Edition-2.1-published-2020-07-20.pdf) it does not look as if it should be configurable, or am I misreading this?

I assume our inverters are then “non-controllable”, and we may actually change that power ramp period from 600s to something else?

It’s probably adjustable because of that last sentence: “This ramp rate may be modified at the request of the utility or in consultation with the utility.”

My understanding is that our inverters are very much controllable generators. You can dynamically change the inverter power?

The “controllable” here is referring to being controllable by the “utility”. It is mostly meant for very big embedded generators.

I read that slightly differently. It reads more like:

If it is the kind of thing you can dial up and down, then please slowly dial it up. If it cannot be dialed up and down slowly, then please add some randomness to the connection point so everything doesn’t come online simultaneously.

Some quotes from the regulations below.

Section 3.1

Section 4.1.1

Section 4.2.2

Section 4.2.4 (also previously shown in my first comment)

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