Wanted: Victron gx/raspberry pi

Good day Members.
Does anybody have or know of a victron gx device(cerbo or venus) for sale at a good price?
a rasperry pi will also do?

Thank you in advance

Raspberry Pi boards are impossible to get these days. Your best option would be a Cerbo GX device

There is a cheaper Cerbo-S GX device that does not have BMS-CAN if you don’t need it.

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Thanks, do you have any other info of the Cerbo-s like the price? it sould be ideal for my needs as I have diy packs with dumb bmse’s.

Try Sun Store.

I have Raspberry Pi4 4Gb that I am not using…
DM if interested :slight_smile:

Hi there

Can I phone you in connection with a Cerbo GX?

Best regards

Hi Jaco,

thank you but I blew my budget on some dental surgery yesterday, so I will have to wait a while…

my number is 0725931471

Stefan, if a Raspberry could help, would a Windows based mini pc possibly help you out in the interim?

I have a few still available, if you are interested.
Price will also not break the bank :+1:

earlier discussion below.

Dude, my sympathy! My last dental surgery bill was 25k.

Hi Deon,

I want to run victron venus os on it, I doubt if a PC would work.
but thank you

Ah, makes sense. No worries.

Yup they know how to make money, mine was yesterday 22k, and in three months another 20k for the implant… My medical aid only covers 8k in total
my one tooth is worth 10kwh in batteries, it sad.

Somehow I knew that’s what you had. That has gone up drastically in recent years. I’ve had two so far (the first one was a lot cheaper though), and I prefer them done in the chair. Yeah, it’s a bit weird to sit there while someone drills and taps a screw into your bone, but so much better than the side effects of anesthesia (for me), and slightly cheaper usually.

the implant is only coming in 3 months time when my jaw and gums have healed properly.
yesterday only removed a tooth (that was crowned Jan 2022 also at a couple of thousand rands)
got a bad infection in the root canal that spread to my jaw, sinus and ear, never felt it due to the root canal that was done when it was crowned and I thought that I only had sinus, only in Desember I went to see a GP because of the ear infection and facial pain, then they picked up the infection with a CT.