Some Nettop NT-535 mini pc's available

I have a bunch (round 10 to 15) of second hand tiny form factor Nettop NT-535’s available.

Atom 1.8GHz dual core processor, with 2GB Ram and an 32GB SSD.
Windows 7 Home Premium (X64) registered. Wi-fi enabled.

These used to be used as music streamers in an commercial environment.
Cleared out all proprietary software.

Best thing about them : 19W when idle and 23W at full throttle.

Review done on these units

Online manual

Bare unit, with Wi-fi antenna, but NO power supply brick - R350.00

Bare unit, with Wi-fi antenna, but WITH 19v power supply brick - R450.00
(They use normal 19V power supplies, with the standard dc plug size.)

Please note - Collection only in Centurion, after hours or weekends.

If needed I can package it up for you and have it ready for collection, but for buyers account.

HI Deon. I want this one please.

Hi Jaco,

Ek hou een uit vir jou, met power supply

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@plonkster, maybe? After our discussion in the car Saturday…

Could be great home assistant machines.

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@Deon_in_ZA ek stuur vir jou whatsapp

If there is anything left at this point, I will take it!

No problem, I have a few left and will keep any out for you. How many do you need and do you need with the power bricks?

Oh! For a second I thought you had just two in total. Let me DM you, for banking details and an address and I’ll send a courier around.

I currently have around 8 Nettop units remaining, without power bricks or the small wi-fi antenna. Wi-fi chip installed and working, just no external antenna.

Price on the bare units are R300.00, own collection.

These units use standard 19v pc laptop transformers and the standard size dc power plug.

Latest update - All orders shipped out and I have around 5 of these nice little compact units still available at R300.00 each.

Atom 1.8GHz dual core processor, with 2GB Ram and an 32GB SSD.
Windows 7 Home Premium (X64) registered. Wi-fi enabled.

Hi, I will take the rest.

Awesome. Will PM you.

snap. PM sent

@Deon_in_ZA Thanks for the Mini PC. Tested this weekend on my TV and works super!! Going to use for supplying my audio DAC on my system.

Awesome. Glad you like them.

I still have around 5 of the little Nettop’s available, if anyone is interested.

@Deon_in_ZA Keep 2 out for me please. just need to ask @Gh3kko if want them.

Any of the Giada’s left? I quite like that one. The Nettop is also nice, but the Giada just seemed different.

Also enjoyed playing with both this weekend.

You are in luck, as I have a few of them left as well.

Yes, I also quite like their full metal enclosure and the added serial port on them.

How many can I keep out for you?

@Deon_in_ZA Do you have a model number of the Giada?

I may take 2x (can you postnet to postnet?)