Wanted: Solis AC Connector

I am looking for the Solis AC Connector, does anybody know where I can get them as the 3 Solis-1P4.6K-4G that I bought second hand had them missing.


I spent some time on RS components, Digikey, and even AliExpress, and although there are many connectors similar to this, I have not been able to find this one.

If all else fails, I suppose you can buy any IP65/IP68 connector pair and replace it with your own.

Thanks, I have done the same and could not find anything.
I tried ACDC, Frontline,Chronlec etc. None of them stock it.
I even tried to contact SegenSolar, but there response was, if you did not buy it from them they are not interested in talking to you.

Is there any sort of discernible text on the socket that could indicate who makes it?

Those images don’t quite look like the same thing? I suspect it is likely one of these:
If you use the number, you might be able to find it on EM.co.za
Eg: 96.032.4554.3 | 32A 3P IP66 IN-LINE MALE CONNECTOR | I - Plugs and Sockets : Weatherproof Plugs & Sockets | ElectroMechanica

The only description is PA that I could find

That might be an RST20i3. I think RS has them

going by this pic from step 5 about installing a solis on this page.

Connecter could be manufactured by Wieland. Something like this:


Might find it on amazon

EDIT: will just need to make sure to find the correct keyed version

Edit2: @_a_a_a looks to be on the money at ElectroMechanica as a possible source :+1:

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Another picture from the front.

Definitely A Wieland Plug. Many inverters SMA, SAMIL, Goodwe, Solax & Solar River use the Wieland RST20i3.
I don’t know if that is one, but contacting Wieland directly will soon clear matters up.

Edit: it looks like this model. ( Numbers in the picture):


Thanks everyone.
I think the male is this one https://www.em.co.za/96.032.5054.3
It looks like I will need to replace it as well as the clip is missing on my Solis.

Ah, it was the missing clip that threw me off.

Well in that case, if you get it slightly wrong, it doesn’t matter anyway… you have both ends!

Sorry, late to the party. I just bought a 2nd hand Solis 1P2K-4G and the AC connector is a Weiland RST 2513S

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That’s RST25i3s

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Of course you guys should know that once google indexes this page, this is now the definitive page on the interwebz telling people what socket their Solis needs. Good work!

Thanks, @jacksdad that confirms it then