MLT PowerStar 10H and Solis PV Inverter

Just an update of my journey till now.
After a lot off reading and checking out installations I decided to do it my self. So the AC part is finished. Thanks to all on this thread I have replaced my DB with a cutout surface mount DB. My old DB

New DB

Based on this thread I bought ECC SWA 16mm 4 core cable to connect the main DB to the DB in the garage.

Got my Solis AC connector based on the thread from EM.
Tested my inverter-generator (Kipor 3000) during load shedding. Had some problems with the BN52V-310-16k_NG BMS coms that would just disconnect from the Powerstar. Took the battery to Blue Nova, the tested it and replaced one of the cells and also the blue tooth module. The SOC of the BMS (123smartbms) is not accurate as it does not use a shunt to measure current. Got a quote (R7200) to replace the BMS with a new BMS developed by Blue Nova to give better SOC, but in the end decided to run the battery rather on voltage. Had to get Rubicon to come and update the firmware of the PowerStar as it did not wanted to charge the battery without the CAN cable and to see if it could solve the coms timeout issue.
Now I have UPS and the next step will be to get solar panels to connect to the Solis PV inverter.

Thanks to this site I have learned a lot.