Victron quattro 10kva inverter overload fault

Good day

I got a Victron quattro 10kva inverter overload fault with no load connected. The only connection is the battery that need to supply the output AC.
I did a lot of trouble shooting and can not determent what could lead to the problem. I did trouble shoot the power board and there is no indication that the power board got problem.
I wanted to know if there is on the main board kind of indication witch component could lead to a overload reading.

If I connect AC input 1 the output change on the relay and can use the output.

Steps that I already done:

  1. Test the main in a 8kw unit with no AC input or load the problem still stay as overload
  2. Test the power board in a 8kw unit and the 8kw keep on working with the power board.
  3. Measure if there is a short circuit on the main board at AC output on the op-amp IC + and - and no short.

Any atwise or know direction to go or circuit diagram of the main board or power board?

The SW is already updated. Did test with older version also and still overload problem.

I am not excluding the factor that the power board is 100% correct or any relay, current senor or related connection.


Could be a “power pack” failure too.

What you mean about power pack? The battery setup?
I use 3 different battery pack to test.

The “power pack” is the heatsink/MOSFET combination inside the inverter, the part that chops the DC into AC. Is that what you meant by “power board”?

No the power board is the board that supply the 9 5 24 v DC. All the relays connect to the board
I already swop the power pack out with my 8kw unit.

aaah OK. Well now that I properly read your post, it seems you already suspect the main board. You want to know which component. I do not know unfortunately. The two things I know that’s interpreted as an overload is 1) high current spikes into the FETs (powerpack protection), and 2) unable to keep the voltage at the required level on the output.

Do you know were I can get new main board and power board?

I also have 2 x 8kw systems with error 24 were Bulk LED Absorption LED is always on.
I wanted to know what can I do to fix the problem.

I did most of the trouble shooting that is online but do not understand were the error come from.

It has to go to a Victron repair system. They need to program a new control board with the same serial number and ship it to the repair center.

Error 24 is also not something you see very commonly and sounds rather a lot like something is broken.

And the power board, I see they are all the same on 8 and 10kw units? Is it possible to get one of them?

I asked in the past and the answer has always been that they want you to take it to the repair center. They don’t sell the replacement components to just anyone. Of course they are just standard MOSFETs and I’ve known at least one guy who replaced them himself, but the main board (because it has a microcontroller with proprietary software) can only be obtained by an authorised repair shop.

I assume this thing is out of warranty? Otherwise that would be the obvious answer.

Can I venture into a stupid question here, but it seems like your inverter works fine when you connect AC in (obviously then it doesn’t need to do any inverting, so isn’t a test of the inverter itself really), just not when you use batteries?

You mentioned you used 3 different battery packs. Are these battery packs sufficient to run the inverter, i.e. 48V nominal, and sizeable in terms of Ah (since we are talking about fairly large inverters here with inrush current)?

Had that done already on a faulty 800va Multiplus. It tripped the main DB’s RCB when I switched it on.

Victron repair shop said worst case, ±R6k for a brand new PC board (new unit is wot R14k), so let’s try …

In the end they soldered the problem parts out, new ones in … fixed. Cost me 1 hour of labor + a few small parts.

Ps. The previous owner REALLY abused the unit, badly. It was beyond filthy inside too.

Thanks for all the info. I am going to continuous with trouble shooting. Start to found fault on the main board. One of the op-amps reading not correct anymore.

On the battery side I am sorted with the correct supply ext.

Hope fully I will win with this one after I already fix a few Victrons Deyes and more inverters past few years. The price is expensive to replace the boards as TheTerribleTriplet said. Cost me last time to rebuild the complete power pack for 10kw Victron with new Mosfets and caps (Military grade components) only R2000 and the inverter is still running after 2 year with no problems.

If any one can get some kind if block diagram or circuit diagram it will be nice.

Thanks again

That kind of thing is rather proprietary :slight_smile: In this industry, people copy stuff. Ever hear of Fangpusun? :slight_smile:

Understand yes.

I know Fangpusun why?

They try and cope/paste Victron devices … even the font and colour. :rofl:

I know that is funny because the units giving a lot of problems.

They stopped doing that recently. Likely because the manufacturers of the real thing kept blocking their sales on AliExpress and eBay and other similar places. These days they make a square black plastic thing, which I believe is internally still the same, but at least can no longer be confused with the real thing.

They copy not only Victron, but also Outback MPPTs, and I believe also some earlier Steca units. In some ways it is an honour to be cloned by Fangpusun, because they generally copy only the best.

It’s like having your song parodied by Weird Al, I believe… except Weird Al asks for permission.

On that topic. Apparently Weird Al once showed up for a party. As he walked in the door, someone yelled: Holy sh*t people, it’s Weird Al! Upon further investigation, it turns out the guy who yelled that was Paul McCartney. Urban legend, possibly, but a good one.