Victron MultiPlus 11 48/5000 with Growatt

Good morning all.
Currently have a Growatt SPF5000ES matched to 2 x Growatt Hope 4.8L-C1 Li batteries. (CanBus coms). System has been working faultlessly but this inverter has not been approved by CoCT. Bought Victron MultiPlus , Cerbo GX and Victron MPPT 450/100 .
I would like to keep the 2x Growatt batteries to work with the Victron inverter.
Can this be done and has someone worked out the coms cable and protocol ? Your advice will be greatly appreciated.
Otherwise I will have to sell the Growatt equipment as a package and buy 2x new batteries.
Thanks and regards

Two thoughts:

  1. if the BMS can accept comms connection with DIY Serial battery driver for Victron GX, you have an option
  2. I run my batts with no connection to the Victron mostly … bit for that I seriously recommend one must be able to see the BMS information or an App or whatnot.

If none makes you feel comfortable, sell the batts.

If the battery has a CAN-bus port… then sometimes it just works (the protocol has become pretty standardised over the years). Sometimes the battery foolishly copies some part of Pylontech’s protocol too literally and it causes problems, sometimes not. There are ways and means.

If battery has no can-bus port, you’re out of options unless Louis’ driver supports it.

For a non-supported battery, you can still use it just fine. Install a SmartShunt to do SOC tracking, and set a good charge voltage on the Multi, and use them like you’d use any set of lead acids. The BMS should still switch off the DC side if anything bad happens, so it usually works just fine.