Victron and HA, determine power in vs power out of battery

Hi all.

So I’m trying to configure the energy dashboard of HA and it calls for differentiating between power going into the batteries vs coming our.

Anyone figured out how to count the single value that Victron exposes into these 2 values/totals ?
or @plonkster , any change this is counted separately in a value I’m unaware of still.


Just another thought, if you used NodeRED with Venus Os Large, you could have gotten all these values, configured, from there, send it anywhere.

Victron made a lot of effort to have it all there.

Tell me more, was not aware.

“Venus Os Large” ??? I’m all for taking advantage :wink:


All you are trying to do in HA, is in NodeRED, just change focus from HA to nodeRED … even the VRM API.

Output even formatted already. :slight_smile:

no way, why the hell am i battling with modbus and mqtt if this is there…
have to dig into this…
dependable information flow is the basis for a work able solution…

ok, i need docs,
whee do i get this VRM token.


ok, reading link, so cursory scan… this Venus OS Large basically installs over my current VenusOS on the Gx device, it then includes NodeRed Functionality.
so this would then be NodeRed running locally on the Venus doing the lifting and not NR on my HA build.


VenusOS fw looks to be v3.01

Curious… if I was to install the VRM NodeRed package on my HA build… is there a way to have it comm with the VenusGX… see it’s asking for site name and a access token,
as a option vs the NodeRed running on the VenusOS Large ?

looking at the one pre installed (NodeRed on Venus) it does local querying.
As it’s running locally assume it will have the same Modbus capability as a remote NR.

oh this is trouble… :wink:
found the 2 solar MPPT’s. now to figure out how to calculate a single output in W. I can convert to kWh inside HA using helping function.

Then onto battery…

Am getting allot of the follow on options.


You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Google, there are ways to get data from VenusOS Large NodeRED out to like HA.

But why? My take, Venus is the mission-critical, solar-dedicated management … send the end results elsewhere to make nice graphs if one needs more than what Victorn already gives on their portal.

Cause Victron also has that Custom Widget option under Advance Tab … (not Beta anymore).

And this:

I ask, why re-invent the wheel if you have mags already?

Hi TTT… the Why
Exposing allot of this information in HA make it useful for while, she dos not look at VRM.

I use/look at VRM.

So I can def see the data is more alive/and flowing/stable now that I’m using the NR on VRM. At this rate will decrease / stop using MQTT on VRM as I did not find it stable enough.

Pushing it from there (Nr on VRM) to my MQTT on my HA platform where I then process/expose inside HA.

If I wanted to do some control flows… aka manage the settings of the inverter then I will do that on NR on VRM, nice and close to source.


On VRM we have a total consumption number, how where will I find this what I thought “Output Phase 1” on a VEBus is the essential output.

Any idea where I would get non essential (AC Loads) also ?


The issue for me here is you have to have access to VRM to fetch the data. Local access is way better and more stable. I try to avoid cloud based sources to reduce the complexity.

I don’t use that … so I can spend 10min looking for it … would bet it is under one of the controls on NodeRED somewhere.

some additional eyes would be appreciated.
can bet myself it’s under one of the disabled (don’t know why) modules.

hmmm, this node red interface with vrm improbably stated wrong by me… it interfaces directly locally with the venusGX itself, direct via the modulus registers.


With this new feature under ESS, not released yet, I think the split will be there in NodeRED in due course too.


Under the System NodeRED, I see this.

And this is under VE.BUS System

I see you reference Venus…

2nd time I see it… but it’s not in my NodeRed Palette… I got reference of it via the examples where they refer to EsksePush… will “HighJack” it from there.

I don’t know which VE.BUS to use, looked at them and none of the values matched my Total Consumption number.


Don’t you see that on your NodeRED running on the Venus OS Large?

All the Victron stuff on the left?

That screen is from the Venus via this address: https://venus.local:1881/

I don’t have VRM API as example, I understand thats remote API call to the cloud hosted VRM ? saw it requires a token key, not sure where to get it.

a fair amount of my items on palette as per above is “disabled/not configured”.
don’t know if there is something in the remote console that i need to set to enable them.
have not seen any mention of it.


FOUND IT :slight_smile:
ye look better would help…
Kept on seeing Settings and knowing its not there, kept missing system…