Tian Power BMS

Is there anyone with a battery pack using Tian Power BMS? I am looking for the PC configuration tool / software and the recommended RS485 to USB adapter.
Thank you in advance

I have a battery with a Tian Power BMS.
I have found that they used different pinouts for the RS485 on different revisions of the BMS.
The two that I have encountered are very similar though and you can make a single cable that supports both if you connect both pins 1 and 3 to B and pin 2 to A as in the below image.(The difference between the two was just the location of B, i.e. it is either pin 1 or 3).
The older Revov external BMS is also a Tian Power BMS and they list Pin 1 as A and Pin 2 as B so I guess if it doesn’t work with the pinout I gave you, you can try swapping A and B.

I also have the software:
Tian_Power Energy Storage BMS V1.5.68-15.zip (771.1 KB)

When you run the software it always starts with the text in Chinese. You need to click on the last tab where you will find a drop-down language selection where you can choose English. There is also a password field on that same tab. If you want to change settings you need the password, but luckily the password check is only in the software and not the BMS. There are two passwords giving different levels of access. 123456 allows you to change settings in the ‘Parameters’ tab and 123456789 allows you to change anything including the factory calibrations so you must be careful as you can break things.
On the first tab labeled ‘BMS Monitoring’ you can select the COM port (the port no. assigned to your USB to RS485 adapter). For some reason the software always starts with the Baud rate set to 19200, but you need to select 9600. Then click Open port (or if it starts with the port open which it seems to do, you may need to click close port and then open port before it starts working)

I hope this helps


Please share the monitoring tool and anything Tian Power related. I have a TP BMS

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This awesome, thank you so much. however i don’t have feedback because the battery was collected by supplier earlier today

Oh, no. If the supplier collected it, I assume there is there a problem with the battery.
Can you share the battery brand and what problem you had?
Is the supplier going to repair / replace the battery?

Actually he is an installer, I don’t know his supplier. It is/was a Narada.
I’m glad it’s gone, I had sleepless nights. But I have learned a lot about batteries and BMSs though.

I’m looking to buy another battery and I’m considering Revov. They claim their 2nd life batteries consist of 5c EV cells :thinking:

Revov is good yes.

Last I check the Revov is also using the Tian BMS. So I am not sure you are doing an “upgrade” by going that route.

Backup and support are excellent, and you don’t need to interface their BMS with Victron either, it can run standalone with panache. Set the default settings and relax.

They do have an interface if you want that.

If I did not go DIY, I would have bought Revov.

Maybe in the cape. Not in Gauteng. One client of mine had his bank replaced twice in less than 18 months.

I personally know of 2 separate approved installer groups that will never touch Revov again. They are having endless problems in bigger banks.


I totally disagree. I appreciate your “Limited” exposure and experience with these batteries, but I can tell you quite a few stories of problems we find on sites we we get called to for assistance. I will not even sell one of these to any of my clients…

I have just one contact with a Revov battery. As far as I know it has been replaced twice, perhaps not entirely, but this guy told me he would probably not do it again. He lives in a very affluent estate on the South Coast… so it’s not like money was really a problem. I still wonder why he did that… :slight_smile:

One word: Pylontech (I have been happy - touch wood (my head is the closest))

I see they won an award in Spain and Italy (https://en.pylontech.com.cn/new_detail.aspx?id=182&cid=45)

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Totally agree. Out of more than 500 I installed or supplied, only 2 failed. The electronics on the BMS of one got fried by over voltage from a faulty axpert charge controller. Second one got hit by lightning. Both repaired under warranty.

Bugger. I just posted on another site that one should not always take the good experiences, but rather the repair department’s experience. Must listen to my own advice.

Revov is off the table then.
EDIT: No they are not. They do help customers with issues.

South Coast… IF by some fluke I know of such, let’s just say there are a wee bit more details than a oneliner. :wink:

If someone asks for ideas, I refer them to Plyontech, Freedomwon, or even better, the Victron battery list, or to speak to their installer. If they are DIY, then we can talk about some more ideas, otherwise not interested.

oh, I would not be surprised. I did however see this one with my own eyes. The way the cells and BMS was slapped into a rack wasn’t particularly neat… so maybe it was more of an install issue. I don’t know. My overall experience is actually fairly positive: At least they are around and you get service!

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Then we are not talking about the same client. The one I was thinking of, having expanded his banks substantially, is still quite chaffed using Revov on Victron, having the last upgrades done by a professional Victron installer, referred to him via me, by Revov Cpt.

Yes, I have had to ask for help for people who had questions on Revov that no one could answer, Dawie, the local CPT guy, ALWAYS bends over backward to help anyone, most hours of the day.

@JacoDeJongh does the one company name begin with a H? We not going into names but I think I know who you are talking about and the story behind it. Was a big nock they took there on a brand.

They seem to use Tian-Power for their external BMSs and another brand for the internal batteries

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