Tian Power BMS

Thank you all for sharing your experiences.
How about SolaX products, are they any good?

Pylontech uses Lithium Ion cells. LiFePo4 cells are better, yes?

They use LiFePO4, just like the other guys.

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Sample quantity of one user here, that said BYD perfect so far. LifePO4 cells, got two towers with 4 banks each.


my narada BMS use TP1633, i has try your software, all i can read, but capacity i cant edit it.
Showing: Set capacity fail,.
I also input password (123456, 123456789) before set capacity but it not work.

Please help me.

Thank you bros

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I’ve try it. Unfortunately the BMS does not communicated. Need some advice

Is there anyone known contact sales Tian Power BMS ?