(South Africa warehouse)105Ah 280Ah batteries and Apexium 48V DIY kits

EVE grade A 105Ah, 280Ah batteries and Apexium 48V DIY kits arrived South Africa warehouse.

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Out of interest, what will the 280ah Grade A Batch Matched cells cost in South Africa, from the South Africa warehouse?

About $115-120/1pc in South Africa warehouse(including shipping cost)

Thanks alot

Can you confirm if you supply the following and costs:

  • Seplos BMS (Latest version)
  • DIY Case and accessories

R2230 for a 280ah looks good.

Assuming it also includes the VAT and Import Taxes at wot ±17% (?), cells are Batched Matched A-Grade (shipping included as stated), definitely.

Cause then, my bank, 18 cell (±17kWh) is like R 40 140.00 all in bar BMS … not bad at all!

And we imported at wot, ± R14.75 to the dollar if memory serves.

Ps. Batched Matched goes a LONG way to having a stable bank.

It is shipped (included) from the South African Warehouse (as per above post from @Alman ) so I assume VAT in etc to the local customer.
“About $115-120/1pc in South Africa warehouse(including shipping cost)”

That the cells are “matched and batched” is a red-line issue for me.
There are some dodgy Chinese sources that claim anything, and even do bar-code fiddling.
If this is indeed the genuine article I will wholeheartedly support the product.

Don’t. :slight_smile:

Not saying anything, just learned that “shipping” is one thing. We got the cells to a port (DBN/CPT), all included. No problem.

but then to get the cells out of that port storage/container, it then goes via Customs with (extra costs) or without an inspection, now THAT was a whole new ballgame. The extra ±17%.

Cause I wondered, South African Warehouse, YES!!! … address to go and look at the cells?

We got the serial numbers matched to a pre-sent Excel sheet with all the relevant data per cell.

One could get the cell’s data in the reverse too. Give the SN and we got the data per cell.

It does cost more, as it is labor intensive.
The cells must be unpacked, into the testing rigs, charged, discharged, labeled, and re-packed properly.

I know the Chinese supplier who supplied your cells, and I trust her.
She has proven herself with international purchase references all over the web.
She is in tune with providing the reassurance a buyer needs when parting with that cash amount and realizes her business success relies on her reputation.
(Amy Wan Shenzhen Luyuan Technology Co., Ltd)
She charges a premium but delivers.
A few other suppliers may be suitable, but there seem to be inconsistent reports.
And then, there are many sob stories again from those who tried to save a buck and got duped.

I don’t know this company you said, we purchase batteries directly from EVE

Our cells have test report and qualify report from EVE, can check each batteries QR code number in the data sheet.

We only sell genuine grade A batteries in South Africa warehouse,
Tampering with the battery QR code to sell inferior batteries is deceptive.
We hope to do long term business in the South African market and welcome your supervision and evaluation~

This price included customs duty, this mean you don’t need pay more taxes,But it does not include VAT. Because we’re not a South African company…

We only have Apexium DIY case in South Africa warehouse, the BMS version is V16 10E.

My sentiment exactly…

Currently the warehouse does not have this service. This is not our private warehouse, it is a public warehouse that only provides storage and delivery services.