Solution for mother on a trolly

Hi all…

Not having kept abreast of whats been happening of late…

Any chance there is a smallish… 1KVa inverter (Victron preferred) on a trolly with a LiOn battery (Pylontech 2000).

Anyone know if anyone is selling this as a single PO/Build option.

It’s for my mothers house, need to take TV/Decover, Cell Phone, couple of lights, and cover her till power back on.


If everything is close together you could get away with something like an Ecoflow?

Recharges quickly, can put a multiplug on the output. My parents use a River and I have a Delta that powers a lot of stuff. I recommend it to everyone that asks.

I know some people have “cube” systems in a wall cabinet… This specific one would be overkill, but you get the idea:

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Sustainable dot coza looks like they still list some multiplus+lithium kits (12V) but their prices in the past on these kits made DIY a better option. Finding 12V lithium batteries may be the bigger issue if going DIY. []

I’m with @mariusm here. For people with modest needs, I recommend one of those lithium power packs, such as:

  • FlexoPower Lithium 555. Cons: Relatively small capacity (500Wh), slow charger, cannot be used as a UPS (permanently connected), fan is noisy, relatively low cycle life on battery. Pros: replaceable battery, relatively affordable (below 10k).
  • Ecoflow River Pro. Cons: More expensive at around 14k. Still low cycle life compared to LFP options. Pros: Fast recharge, better capacity, still relatively affordable compared to the alternatives.
  • Ecoflow Delta. Quite a bit more expensive. Really usable battery capacity and inverter power. Recharge to 80% in one hour. Does not use LFP cells though.
  • Ecoflow Delta Pro. This is the big boy. Has LFP cells. But it costs over 60k. A trolley solution is going to cost less.

If you simply throw an 800VA Multi (around 8k) onto a 2kWh Pylontech module (let’s say 12k to make the math easy, I think they are more than that), you’re already at 20k before you bought cabling, fuses, or the trolley.

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all ends ouch…
I’m not keen on the slow charging or low cycle life… not with how Eskom is going.
Will have to talk to sister and see what their feeling are. my want is problem free… I’m not keen on playing IT/Electrician, why is is flat, you get the idea.


The Ecoflow River Pro looks like a really neat device. Fast charging, portable, will get you through a two hour slot if you keep the loads reasonable (under 300W). And you can add more batteries (at 8k a pop). At the moment this is my “pick of the bunch”, but since I have zero experience with the device, I don’t know some of the more important things. Such as whether it can operate like a UPS (permanently plugged in), or how noisy it is.

At the local Outdoor Warehouse they also sell the Jackery, in three different variants with the smallest starting at 8k. It looks similar, but it is not cheap either.

Jackery recharge is in the 7-8h range, same as all the other portable lithiums.

Ecoflow is the only one I know that’ll be ready for another slot in 1-2h.

That’s because the AC cable goes straight into the device and not via a charging brick. It also gives you UPS function, which works very well in my experience, but the manual does say it’s not as fast as a normal UPS. Computers seem fine though.

Manual quotes ~ 500 cycles before you’re at 60% capacity, so once a day gets you <2y, but LS isn’t quite that bad. The fan is a bit loud though and it tops itself off every once in a while, so you definitely won’t forget it’s there.

In terms of capability and convenience I don’t think there are better options. It is a lot of money, but I don’t think it is expensive for what you get.

We bought a couple of the River 600 models for staff that aren’t in CoCT supply area about a year ago. All still going strong. I’ve had one report of a coffee maker running on it, but only once per cycle :slight_smile:

My Delta has been very reliable and runs the wife’s hair dryer or straightener during the 06:00 to 08:00 slot with everything else still plugged in. Only problem is the extension lead up the stairs which is not ideal.

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My wife’s parents also decided to buy a FlexoPower - both to use while camping with 2x100w panels and a camping fridge (worked relatively well for this purpose) and to give to my wife’s grandma during loadshedding so that she can “watch the rugby”.

Well, turns out that even the Flexopower was too complicated for the old lady - when they visited once during loadshedding she hadn’t moved the unit (nevermind turn it on) at all and were listening on the radio powered with couple of D batteries…

So yes, I’d say for older parents the UPS function would be 100% a requirement.

No, it’s good that your mother is still on her trolley. As sy van haar trollie af is moet jy worry.


… pvt forum… engaged…
what makes you think mommy is on her trolly… the trolly broke long ago, got burned, got thrown away, no signs of ever existing :wink:

ExSolar posted this on their facebook page this morning. Nice little offline UPS too. Perhaps a little light for the mentioned application here :slight_smile:


A multiplus becomes an option very quickly once you add the charger and inverter prices.

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You can of course cheap-out on the charger. I see 10A so-called “intelligent” chargers on Takealot for under R400. Not quite up to the BlueSmart or even the similarly priced C-Tek options, but it could work in a pinch.

Sure, but then you don’t have a UPS, you have to manually switch over.

Not necessarily. As long as your load is under 100W or so, it can permanently run from the inverter, although you will have basically no capacity left to recharge it unless you significantly increase the charger size… so I suppose you are right.

forget about the smart charger and just get a small mppt and panel

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Must say, as a UPS a 12v 500va Multiplus, as expensive as it is, could be a damn good idea for helping Mom out. Takes over with LS and recharges when LS is over.

If the 12v MP500va comes with a Rpi Venus OS, BMS, and a 12v 280ah bank, Mom can even get remote support.

I wonder how well that will work after the last bout 7.5h LS per day coupled with days, weeks of bad weather … like we just went through. :thinking: :rofl:

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…Thats why Im convincing the sister and brother in law,

Totally agree. :slight_smile:


… don’t go selling it yet to anyone else…

If they were just a little bit cheaper (R6k or less), I would buy one just to play around with…