SOLD: Victron MPPT 150/60

Victron MPPT 150/60 for sale R6000

Is it a 150/60 (heading) or a 150/100 as per the text? :slight_smile:

@jacksdad, suggestion, get the 150/100 instead of the 150/45 you are wanting to trade for a Solis?

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Can you give us some more details please.

  1. Age
  2. KWh
  3. Smart or Blue
  4. Tr or MC4.


:sweat_smile: jus, was thinking the same, but those 150/100/(150/60) are sooo big, bigger than a breeze block almost, and waaay bigger than what I need, so I held back from getting involved…

Anybody looking at getting a 150/60 / 150/100 (whichever it is ) and wanting to offload a 150/45?..

If I get a 150/100 then I will have a 150/60 to sell… I need the 100amp version :wink:

Chicken :rofl:

You will want a bigger MPPT sooner than later.



Yes sorry it is a 150/60

The unit was running in a ESS system,it was purchased in 2020 the total power produced is 7819 kWh. It is in a immaculate condition.

It is the charge controller on the left. Sorry for the bad picture.

I know… but then I’ll have to buy a bigger house to fit the extra panels onto :worried: and build a pool… and sink a borehole… all so that I can use the extra power :woozy_face:

Looks like the Bluesolar

Man I was hoping it was the 100. Thanks anyway!

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Smart or Blue
TR or MC4

I was bored


absence of pluggable display suggests Blue
looks like MC4
on the wall? :wink: but unless moved since member intro: Pretoria

Sold to non-forumite!