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Hi everybody i am Kobus , i live in Pretoria. I am on my second solar system now. I started with a RCT 5000 kva inverter. It blew up aftet 6 years of use. Currently i got a Victron system.

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Hi Kobus and welcome :slight_smile:,

Do you mind sharing some more details about what you currently have like the Inverter / MPPT / GX / Panels etc? Oh and some pictures for the fanatics among us?

Running 3 Victron 3000/48 inverters.
One 250/100 mppt charge controller ,with 15 330 watt panels.
One 150/60 mppt charge controller, with 8 320 watt panels.
2 Pylontech 3.5 kw batteries.

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All being controlled by a Venus gx.

Welcome Kobus. I’d too like to see some pics please. I’m also in Pta with a Victron system albeit much smaller than yours.


Nice neat install. did you do it yourself?

Yes i did.

Battery consist of 96 cells.
3.2 volt @ 100 AH

I presume your battery voltage is 48 V (or thereabouts??)

Yes 2P ,16S (X3)

Anybody in the market for 2 Pylontech US 3000 batteries . They are 16 months old never went under 25% SOC.

There were someone looking recently. I suggest you make a post in the clasifieds section.


@vulghrim , what are you asking for the batteries and where are you located

I live in Pretoria , R1300 each onca.

are you sure it is R1300 :laughing: :laughing:

No sorry R13 000