SOLD: Solis 2.5kw mini 4G for sale

Used, about 1 year old. Perfect condition. I upgraded to Fronius 5kw.
Offers? Shipping and risk is yours, from Linden, JHB.

Please provide more info: pic and link…

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@JacoDeJongh is coming back to finish the Fronius setup, and I hope he will buy it. :sunglasses:

From where?
… assuming the warranty can carry over?

What would you like for it?

@Ironman You have now derailed @TheTerribleTriplet 's whole day :wink:

You have NO idea … 2.5kw, I have these pesky geysers (plural) thing in winter.

The biggest one is 3kw, other two are 2kw … so the difference can come from the existing 5.2kw array.

Now one can have it on the output of the Victron, but Fornius is much better. More “refined”.

So I’m wondering … bugger that … just have it grid-tied, and gooi the geysers between the LS schedules.

Dang, I can have 2 geysers on at a time at times. The main system will have spare most of the time.

And if my plan works out, I will have the roof space for that …


I have been quite impressed with my unit. For a while I had it plugged into a wall socket on the output of the Multi (naughty naughty, I know!), instead of the ABB unit that normally does duty in that area, and it is fairly stable on the output of the Multi. The limiting stuff doesn’t work, but it turns out I use more than enough electricity during the day that it rarely if ever matters.

My logic, to KISS (me being me), is just to have it grid-tied to the DB and let Solis do Solis, Victron does Victron, seeing the geysers are on Non-Essential in any event.

And IF Eskom gets really bad (Karpower/Koeberg/Bid Windws keep on “not coming online”), and the females (3) start complaining too much …

Option 1: Put it all together as one system, geysers on Essentials … but then we have winter(?).
Option 2: Bugger all that and just get one geyser “upgraded” to have a gas option … with lots and lots of bottles.
… to “silence the lambs”.

Well, I had it installed on the output of my multi for over a year. It does limit itself using a CT on the grid feed, and also using frequency when loadshedding.
I have two small issues with it: 1) my old bugbear - the clothes iron - when switching off, we push out current to the grid and the CT reads this, It throttles the Solis immediately, and takes up to 2 min before gradually getting back to full power. The feedback speed is totally lopsided: Pulling back current is instant, while increasing current takes 2 mins.

  1. When loadshedding kicks in, the CT feed of the Solis dies. And it has this weird aribitrary setting that limits its output power to whatever it was delivering at the time the grid went off. You can’t disable this setting. And this is the result:

We had a long power failure, starting at just after 8am, and the Solis limited its output to 130W. When the power came back, it jumped op to over 2kw.

Not sure about the waranty - I bought it from @JacoDeJongh. I see you can get a new one for about R6500, so I would want R4500.

I meant, using the GX device to limit it. If you use it’s own built-in support, it works of course.

I’ll take it. Send you a PM, let’s do this? :+1:

That’s the case with most inverters if you limit export to a silly value like 0W (to try and avoid the tamper detect of meters where export is prohibited). Grid-tied is really designed to push all the excess back to the grid - but that would be the sane approach and we are in Africa.

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Tell me about it!
I also have a grid tie inverter waiting to be installed one day :skull:


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Go Jaco (TTT)!

This Solis is gonna cost a LOT MORE than R4500.

Need more panels - tick, some parts for it in the DB - tick, the data thing - tick, panel frames, wires - tick, combiner box - tick … all cool.

Then … where do I mount the panels?

For that, we need to build a new area to have a roof to put them on.

So yeah … this project is quite a big one, the Solis but one small part of it all.


… it will take some time.

Don’t you have any wall space.

Buy one from @Ironman , we bypassed his when replacing the Solis with the Fronius.