Small order 3D print for Angle Grinder Attachment

I am thinking of replacing my DB board with a bigger one before I start the Solar journey.
As the DB board is in my study, I do not want to just use an angle grinder to cut with all the dust that it will create.
I found this extension for my angle grinder, and I am searching for a 3D printing house that would be able to print it for me. The first printing house told me that they only do large quantity orders. Is there some 3D printing house that would do a once off or at least small quantity at a reasonable price that someone can recommend?

I explored this and if you have space I mounted a surface mount DB board over the old DB hole and rewired. Worked Great! Much less hassle and no grinding or cutting!!

Did the same, worked really well: From grid-tie to microgrid / hybrid backup - #48 by mariusm

I cut out the back of the new DB, but you don’t really need to do that.

Did exactly that… Lots of space to work then… You may if you unlucky have to extend some wires but I placed the new DB to try to avoid this…

I agree with the others.

If you think that little attachment is going to stop your entire office of being enveloped and covered in dust, you’re mistaken. It will maybe reduce the amount of dust from 1mm to 0.5mm, but you’re still going to clean everything.

Put one of those nice Hager surface-mount DB’s over it. Your wife will thank you for it, I’m sure :slight_smile:

I also suggest the surface mount DB. but if you really do want to 3D print (cause some people just love gadgets I know), then check out your local printer of cartrige shop. Many of them now have a 3D printer where they can print one off items for you for a fee.

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Thanks @mmaritz for the suggestion and others confirming that mounting a surface mount DB board over the old DB hole works great. @Louisvdw yes, I like gadgets and still might see if I can get it printed.

Make sure your DB is big enough for the gadgets… :wink:

Try here:
I have used them for small quantities.
Their website is quite nice, you upload the files and it shows you a 3d view of the model and you can
select from a few options for material etc. then you get a quote immediately.