Quattro Grid Codes

Hi all, recently installed my Quattro and discovered that it only has 5 Grid Code options, none for SA.

Managed to get it operational by using the “Other” option.

Firmware version is 430 - Is this normal?


Welcome Smurf. 430is a bit old, we are currently at 478.

As for the grid codes, Quattro does not have the hardware protection needed to make it SA grid code compatable. “Other” is the best option.


Thank you @JacoDeJongh, happy to find this forum and thank you for the reply.

I did usual firmware scan/updates in VRM - no doubt will have to investigate updating Inverter firmware next…

Thanks again

At this stage, as far as I know, you would still need a MK3, so the VRM Inverter Update Function is on the way, but not rolled out yet ( @plonkster, Please correct me if I am wrong.) I use a MK3 and VE-Flash to update my inverters.

I guessed as much - fortunately, I do have MK3, just need to find where to download the image - was not very clear or obvious from my google searches

Thank you

Please tell me your Chip number and I will upload the firmware here.

Awesome thanks! however, would love to know where to find the chip number :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The other matter is I took my system offline today as I am in the process of re-configuring my DIY battery (long story). Been planning to do this for some time and we have a few days of rain/cloud (and no load shedding) so pulled the trigger this afternoon.

If you don’t mind, I will reach out about firmware update once my system is back up, hopefully in the next day or so


On your VRM, under device list, open your VE-Bus System and look for the Product ID…

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That was easy (lol) - 2653

Not fully up to speed on all the “Victron language/terminolgy”


I cant upload a .vff file here. Please download it from DropBox

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Awesome, thank you! @JacoDeJongh

Enjoy the rest of your evening

Its a pleasure, you too…

I think there is one big obstacle in this picture, and that’s that a firmware update must restore the previous configuration afterwards. It would be unacceptable to lose the configuration of the inverter after a firmware update, this needs to happen automatically. So it is certainly not coming anytime soon… but…

If you know how to get into your GX device with ssh, there is a utility on there called vbdup, that can update the firmware from the GX device. I’m leaving out all the details for now, I’m only saying it is technically possible.

Register at professional.victronenergy.com and download your firmware directly from there. It remains the best place to get it from the proverbial horse’s mouth.

Thank you

Oooo nice … does this mean what I think it is meaning? :smile:

You remind me of the usual skit between Pinky and Brain.

Pinky, are you pondering what I’m pondering?

I think so Brain, but if we give peace a chance, wouldn’t the Lama beans feel left out?

I’m thinking this is the sort of thing that should be left alone unless you’re very very familiar with working on unix and/or linux systems :slight_smile:

I must admit it would be good to have an official GX (Cerbo) Firmware update option… no extra cables needed :wink:

What Mark said … :smile:

Sorry to clarify: update all connected devices (CerboGX already can do an update online) :wink:

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