Pylontech Us3000c going into fault mode

Morning guys.
Please assist.
I have 2 Pylontech Us3000c batteries in my system.
It has happened a few times that the master battery goes into Fault mode and leave the slave battery to supply all the load. After reset the battery works fine for n week or 2.
This happens during the night when no big loads are on the system.
Any idea why this is happening, it was working fine for about a year without any issues.

Morning Jake’s, what inverter is this connected to?

It is very difficult to say what could cause it without an “inverter” that can interpret the error message.

Did you check the SOC lights when it gives an alarm?

You can use BatteryView with a cable to connect to the battery. The Cable will cost you roughly R800

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Morning Jaco.
It is a Kodak King with BMS comms.
I also have a Pi connected to the inverter and batteries for more info and settings.
The BMS is controlling the inverter nicely.
I assume I will be able to use the cable connected to the Pi the access the batt with Batteryview.
Which port must I use?
The led indicate that the battery with fault code is at 50%, the slave keeps discharging and was at 28%

Has the bank ever been @ 100% SOC?

I would full charge each battery (disconnect 1) at a time.
Once you do that then maybe swop the 2 batteries to make the 2nd one the master?
It could be they were different SOC’s to start with and they could never get into sync…

They both reach 100% everyday at 11: 00 and stay there until the PV drops.
Was also thinking off swapping them around.

Console. Do you have the cable…

Jaco I hope that the cable that I am using to connect the batt to the Pi will work.

Would you mind posting a pic of it…

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Sorry I am at work and can only post the cable on Solar assistant site.
Hope this helps.

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Thank you guys.
I haven’t used Battery view before.
Is it freely available to download.
Is there a place where I should look for logs or error codes?

You can find a link to the latest BatteryView just below the opening post in this thread

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Hi there,

We provide the SMH monitoring software for thousands of systems, and we noticed that this was happening with a lot of them, so we contacted Pylontech about the issue, and after about 3 months of investigations, they gave us a firmware that supposedly fixes the issue. We have identified a few different test sites with the different combinations of batteries installed (B’s, C’s only C’s, etc), and have loaded the firmware for them. Thus far no-one has reported any issues again, so I can only assume that the new firmware works properly. Send me a message on and I can give you the batteryview software together with the new firmware ;).