PV Forecast / SolCast

Hi hi.

Is anyone using Solcast to add a PV forecast to their HA system ? or something else ?
with “allot of us” having 2 PV strings, from the video I saw covering Solcast they show settings for one string, how would you add/define 2 strings ?


Using forecast solar…
Caters for both my systems.


is this a HA add on? busy searching.

how does it cover for 2 PV strings, One North, the other East.


found it, added it, it immediately fails though ?


I have both Solcast and Forecast.Solar but don’t actually make use of them apart from an overlay of forecast solar production vs actual solar production. Forecast.Solar seems to have more sensors.

trying to hacs install solcast, but it’s not finding it when i go explore download repositories.


You need to get the configure menu item on the integrations page. Mine as an example and add one for each string…


ye, gotten that, configured it, and as soon as I hit submit then it fails.

if you look at some of the other online links, solar man then they imply installing Solcast HACS integration as a option also, as another method.

If you on the latest HA version and the service installed, it may give you the 3 dot menu when you go into that service and you can download diagnostics. Or just look in your log file under services as to why…


mind sharing the yaml for your graph shown above.

Dont know if you have seen, but once logged in, they even give you suggestions with links to learn how to add 2 pv strings etc. See the screenshot.

so i created 2 stings on their site.
now trying to figure out how to add them into HA… to get some nice lines, thinking line per array…
and then need to figure out how/where to upload my real pv created… i got this as a number coming out of the victron, but need to figure out into what values i upload it to allow for a combined graph/line


so got the solcast integration installed.
Now to try and draw some pretty lines.
anyone have some examples, showing/displaying 2 arrays.

Some how I need to show on these my actual production, I have those numbers coming in as sensors defined in configuration.yaml as mqtt based inbound values.


Try the energy dashboard to start with… That’s all I have at the moment. I need to install and learn how to use Grafana and Ingres - A December project on the list.

how do you get your actual generated into the energy dashboard. I got my 2 arrays production coming in as mqtt defined sensors. when i go onto the energy dashboard then i can’t find 90% of my sensors.


Ignore the error (LS at the moment)

Mine dashboard setup… nothing fancy.

on solar panels. difficult to ignore if the error greys out the save button.
As what do you inject your solar pv generation for the energy dashboard to see it/recognise it

I use the following sensors (will be different for you):
MPPT1: sensor.victron_solarcharger_yield_power_224
MPPT2: sensor.victron_solarcharger_yield_power_226

Using this integration: GitHub - sfstar/hass-victron: Integration for Home Assistant to fetch data from the victron gx device via modbusTCP

ok, this pulls if from the modbus,

I pull it via mqtt broker.
I have the the current, voltage and the wattage into separate topics.

just wondering why the energy dashboard is not showing any of these.