Phoenix Inverter 12/3000-230V VE.Bus

I have one of these for sale R5000 excluding shipment.


HQ1410xxxxx, 2014 model, ran for 1 year, rest of the time it was stored.

Data Sheet:

Hi Jaco. Please keep it for me, I will take it. Will give you a call. Thanks.


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The Phoenix inverter that I bought from Jaco is on the market again, as I have no use for it currently. I never used it since I received it. Same price, own shipping.

The original plan was to build a UPS trolley for my daughter, but I later bought Reyman’s complete 48V system, which better suited her backup needs (Selling Complete Axpert loadshedding kit (Sold))

overkill at R11K…

if I have R11k I’d rather just add a 3rd Pylotech to my system.


Lol, no. The system I bought from Rey was R11, but the Victron Phoenix is only R5k.

again, this is for a small in line ups in front of some computer switches and RPi’s.
Instead of using 7Ah batteries I have access to some perfect condition LA batteries, was thinking what charger/inverter to use…

wondering if I can’t use the BMS board from the small 7AH UPS and connect it to a larger Car LA battery.


Bump, as the Phoenix inverter is still available at R5000.

Still available @ R5000.00.

Will make for a great UPS, I might have an interested person for you Deon, it’s pending on what equipment I will test at his site. He has an Outback similar device as a UPS. However, we will test it’s operations. If it works Unfortunately for you he has then a workable system.

I’m judging but my experience with the Outback that it will work as they are almost impossible to break so I will let you know how the cookie crumbles.


Yes will work as excellent UPS !

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Hey Greenman, thanks great to be in good company here…


Thank you,

Sold to Gman :+1:

Thanks @Deon_in_ZA and thanks again for your help.

No, thanks to you and will keep you updated on the packaging and courier.