Selling Complete Axpert loadshedding kit (Sold)

For Sale in Centurion.

I have upgraded to Sunsynk 5.5 and SolarMd 7.4kw batteries, and selling my old equipment.

I bought the Axpert on Powerforum March 2019 and the unit is now about 3 years old in great condition and 100% working.
The Batteries are OLD but have not failed me todate lasting the 4 hours during load shedding when running house lights, TV, Routers, Laptop’s and charges, I had battery balance on and Victron BMV-700 to monitor and only used the batteries for Power outages, else they were left on 100%SOC.
The rest of the Equipment is less than a year old.


Hi Ryeman.

If still available, I will take the full package. Need something for my daughter who is moving out in a few months, and I am in Valhalla.


Sold , pending payment.

Thanks Rye. Send you an Watsapp.

@JacoDeJongh Jaco, kan ek solank n install bespreek vir oor so paar maande :smile: