Peak spikes from arrays

Have 10 x 350 Canadian Kumax panels = 3.5kw.

I missed the 4440w spike, but this one got recorded … on a cool cloudy day in Cape Town.

Yes, I have seen that quite a lot. On a partially cloudy day, the spike just after a cloud has moved over can be quite a lot higher than the peak on a sunny day. I guess it is because the panels have cooled down, and temperature makes a big difference.

I’ve recorded up to 4.5kW on my 3.8kW array. I understand it is called the “cloud edge” effect. Basically when the sun peaks out behind a cloud it magnifies it more. Something like that. Might be way off here. :sweat_smile:

Here is a nice example. A clear day followed by a cloudy one. The peak on the clear day is about 640kW and on the cloudy day it’s 840kW. That is a huge difference.

Just puts into perspective why one does not want to run on the brink of the max volts the MPPT can handle.

You are so right. Temp makes a HUGE difference.

On hot days 3.2 - 3.3kw is easily generated.
But on cool days this is as easy on average for this 3.5kw array.

What is so nice in that picture, it is nearly 2pm, cloudy and cool in Cpt, geysers are heating and house loads loads are powered and batts are going to be full soon for evening use.

Solar is good. Life is good.

No critical loads!?

Shiite … thanks!
Was doing something the other day … forgot to switch them back.


I really don’t like it when, like yesterday, the weather isn’t great but we absolutely HAVE to do the washing. Can’t wait. Not even one day. Then I sit here today, with really nice PV available… idling away since 2pm because the batteries are full and geysers are hot. Now the best I can do is ask the pool pump to run unnecessarily to at least get some value for my money…

Amen, same here.

I feel you

added the other screen so you can see how desolate it is without a grid connection, and without a victron mppt to read the solar input

I think you need to get a Victron MPPT just so that you can have that little block. It is so amazing. :smile:

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One of these?

…I have one, just didn’t install it yet.

Part of the cabling I need to do next week here:
Install a DC fuse for batteries
Install a DC breaker on / off for panels
Install the 150/70 (s/hand from my accountant)
Then finally move the server box to the right location.

Next you’ll be telling me I need to get a grid connection so I can fill in my red box :smile:

I think you need a grid connection now :smiley:

And some fuel tank levels and a generator. Makes me wonder… What does an entirely full interface look like… Anyone know?

Take a look at the guy that posted the Hydro setup on here. Paul. Pretty impressive - Hydro, Wind, Solar and Gennie inputs!

Unrelated and a bad day to show this, but this is what a three phase system looks like… Its raining in PTA, so the PV production is very low, over 10kwp on this roof so on a sunny day, you would expect over 8kwh at this time.


It’s also a rainy day here and I have much less PV

Rainy miserable and windy here in Noordhoek
Battery good though :slight_smile:

Interesting! I’m in Bellville and perfectly clear. But I can see some proper clouds over table mountain, so I am assuming it is raging on the other side!