One time use Li-ion batteries

These are used in vape pens and are discarded with the pen after use:
Cell model:13400

Battery Size: 13.3mm*36mm
Nominal voltage: 3.7V
Typical capacity: 550mAh
Minimum capacity: 550mAh
Fully charge voltage(FC): 4.2V
Max Charge Voltage: 4.23V
Fully discharge voltage(FD): 3.0V
Standard charge current: 0.2C
Max charge current: 1.0C
Standard discharge current: 0.2C
Max discharge current: 3000mA
Peak discharge current: 3000mA

Okay ?

So far, so good…

these are not one time use only cells, they are normal lipo cells.
did a cycle test on one 550Mah cell, after 158 cycles discharging at 1C and charging at 2C the capacity drop from nameplate capacity was only 1.5% the capacity drop from measured first cycle was 9% after 158 cycles. not bad if you take into account the cell was free and was cycled hard during the testing

these disposable vape cells and a tp4056 board, is a diy’er dream

550mah lipo.xlsx (24.7 KB)


IIRC, one time use Lithium cells are a different chemistry (lithium manganese-dioxide?), and usually 3.0V with a higher energy density than most rechargeables. Like a CR123.

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“these are not one time use only cells, they are normal lipo cells”
Agreed! It appears these are so superior that they find them the best option even for one time use…

I’d guess it’s because of the high discharge rates required in this application.

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wow, so discarding them all over the place makes vaping also an environmental disaster :thinking:

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jip, a big one! there is millions of vapes that gets discarded in parks, streets, dustbins or where ever…

that is 1000’s of kwh worth of energy thats discarded and lying around all over the place…
If only they started to make these vapes with 3000mah cells then it will be wort it to salvage 1000’s of them and build a big battery, but to do the same task with 550mah cells will take forever

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Given that the average anti-EV American thinks of an EV-owner as a “woke” vaping hippie with a ponytail, this probably doesn’t help at all, and only adds more fire (!) to the argument that lithium is worse for the environment than oil.

(Got to love how generalisations allow us to get rid of undesirables, right!).

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These are vaping batteries … don’t mess around with one-time-use silly stuff.

… and I don’t even have an EV or a ponytail … yet. :slight_smile:

agree 100% but they come at a hefty premium because of the nitecore branding.
I wonder which cells are they originally?

Well, what about lithium being worse than lead?
Or is lead not a problem because it has recyclable value?

Well, to lead’s credit, it is extremely easy to recycle, and I believe over 96% of Lead Acid batteries do get recycled. Conversely, Lithium is very hard to recycle, or so I am told. I don’t think those are arguments for not trying… I mean if we did that, we’d conclude back in the 70s that solar panels are just too expensive and inefficient… and we’d be nowhere near to where we are :slight_smile:

This is the problem. The EV industry has mandated that LI -Ion batteries WILL be recycled but how do you get the vapers to get with the program??

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Never mind the vapers, this concerns the ‘dun draad manne’
On the right is the original NiMH battery pack (1600mAh) for this radio.
The two vaping cells are outperforming the NiMH!
I didn’t realize that these NiMH batteries are totally obsolete :thinking:

:rofl: You will soon realise, FM as well :wink: Nice Tivoli that…


The disadvantage of NiMH in this case is the (minute) current surge when switching the radio on. These batteries can’t handle it. This causes the radio not to switch on even when the batteries aren’t fully discharged… PITA!

found some interesting cells in my vape collection hobby, some like the thick ones in the picture there is 3 vapes that’s being dismantled its elfbar 2500 vapes, they contain a 1.4 ah 21400 cell. also found alot of 1.2ah cells from vozol 1800 vapes in 18400 format, they fit perfectly in 18650 cell holders(the puzzle type holders)

these free batteries together with a tp4056 board, made me to especially appreciate any portable device that uses 3x aa or aaa batteries.

Indeed! You can also connect them in series if you require a higher voltage (like my radio)
So in this case 2 in series provide enough voltage but the charger built into the radio pumps out a hectic pulsed 11V approx to get enough of a charge into the NiMH batteries so this needs to be tweaked down a bit for these NMC cells…