Noddy badges for finding the Enter key

I realise that these days everyone must get a participation medal (unlike in my days when we walked barefoot to school in the snow… :wink:)… maybe the “first post” badge, “first quote” badge, first left mouse click etc. is a bit overkill?

Edit: testing testing… 3 days after original post (but I am OP, so do not know if it makes a difference) :thinking:

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Comes with the software. I’m sure it can be switched off, but by default there’s a bunch of things switched on…

Edit: OK, I’ve found the controls and cut down on it a tad.

Edit 2: It reminds me of a scene from one of my favourite movies.

Badges!? Do you want badges mother*****!? I give you badges! 99 cents each. I sell you some!

(Why is it my favourite? Cause that’s the movie that showed the night the drive in closed in my home town).

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Thanks for bringing it up, I planed to look into it earlier today, but got busy with other stuff.

Also glad this part works, this wasn’t part of the software, had to manually add them.

you are not paid to be busy with other stuff… oh wait…

:partying_face: … yup definitely works (thank you)…

so, while I am the grinch who needs more fibre in his diet… maybe replace the “is your post helpful” pop-up with


now let us see if barney will trump bad boys for tune you can’t get out of your head… EDIT: for those unfamilar with this particular creature

you guys in the backroom are probably having fun (I hope)… from a user perspective it does take some getting used to … like buying a new car and every time you want to turn left you for a moment feel confused by the wind screen wipers coming on…
Think those more technologically challenged and./or very familiar with other forums might struggle a bit (the quote thing took me a while to figure out)

Literally picked the product from a list of “here’s the top ten…” and tried it. Looked for something that was both open source and highly rated. Also, at least one of the perpetrators (who shall remain nameless) dislikes MySQL enough (and likes PostgreSQL) that it swayed the decision somewhat… :slight_smile:

Going to keep this in this thread for now … (btw, totally happy if the thread disappears somewhere in the future before the masses arrive).

In terms of gamification the “like” button could do with a bit of sprucing up - especially when clicked (i.e. some colour or something… even though 50 shades of grey can draw a particular crowd…).

Later realised I might need to explain this to the Cape Town folk… it is customary in most other parts of the world that when changing lanes, before turning etc. to use what is known as an indicator (flikker lig)… :wink:

@JacoDeJongh @plonkster emoji selector </Edit: panel/> currently (14:40, 27/09) comes up empty on my browser…

Edit 2: and I got a badge for typing @JacoDeJongh :smiley:

New software always takes time to get used to. Not because it is better or worse, just different. Typically the most powerful software takes the longest to get used to. Not too different from inverters. With Axpert you have something like 25 settings of which something like 10 impacts your life (making up numbers). With Victron you have so many options and configurations, you can mold the system to fit your needs. :grimacing:

I feel a bit cheated since I only have one badge as I’ve edited a post. Please enjoy all yours and stop complaining! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have cut down on the bulk of the awards now. If the remaining is still a problems, please let us know.

Please try it again, I must have deselected it while playing around… :thinking: :innocent: :joy: :shushing_face:

Having learned to drive in another country, I still cannot quite get used to driving by the Cape Town (and/or Western Cape) rules. Circles… oh man circles. They work differently in Cape Town. In Cape Town, everyone to your right goes first. If you’re in Stellenbosch at a 3-way circle, and a Rugby game has just finished up the street and all 480 home-going cars are coming from your right… you had better hope one of them lets you in.

Where I come from, circles are 4-way yields. If you get to the circle and someone is already waiting there… you let him in. Also… and this is where it comes into the current conversation… you turn your indicator on towards the inside of the circle (unless you’re going left) to indicate that you intend going around the thing… and then you flip it over to the left when you want to exit. Except… not in Cape Town.

This is indeed how one is supposed to do it! And if one intends on exiting the circle, you put indicate left when the next exit is yours.

On the topic of traffic, one of my pet peeves is 99% of all three way stops. At almost all of them, the two stops facing one another are a part of a relatively busy road and the third comes in from an area of little traffic. It just feels so inefficient to force a stop for the 1% of cars traveling there to find an “easy in”.

Bad boys, bad boys. Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do. When they come for you…

Haha Love it too!

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I have not tested it, but can we edit old posts. That was this biggest issue I had before.
That way you can update the OP (Opening Post) with any new links or updates (say of a driver)

I cant see any limitation on editing, lets test it over time. @jykenmynie, you made the first post as a member. please try to make a small change to your first post and let us know. Much appreciated.

I edited the first post in this thread (3 days later…). Btw, “smiley selection” Edit: </pane → panel> working again.
No idea at what rate badges are awarded… and in any case @jykenmynie warned me that I can be banned for complaining too much so I will not mention the b-word again :wink:

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Hold on, hugh, whats that again…

The thing that you switch off when playing with all the various settings … maybe it is the smiley pain…


I left a few bigger awards, for having 100 likes ext, should we rather cancel all badges? Lets see what the members say.

So I edited it, looks like it worked. Is there supposed to be a time limit on edits?