Nice milestone reached

Reached my 10.01 MWh milestone this past weekend.

Not too bad for a 17 month old system :smile:

Thanks goes to @JacoDeJongh and his team

Edited: MWh


You mean MWh? :thinking:


I’m only on 5697 kWh myself. Been in place roughly since middle September 2020. So 11 months of which 3 were bad winter thus far!

Yip, now recitified.

Nice, congrats!

I’m on a 7.2MWh total for a 12 month old system.

Just went to check mine and I also got my first MWh
In the last 3 months. So just a tenth of yours :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Switched PV on a year ago this month

Quite amazing, the way that one’s outlook on the sun changes, once you have solar installed

The ever increasing panel wattage and the drop in prices for battery storage makes this a no brainer,

I can see myself redoing my entire system in under 10 years and the way the pricing of solar is dropping and with economies of scale, I will then probably use a quarter of the roof space and still sit with an excess solar production.

Maybe time to chat to the neighbors and start digging a trench for conduit.
All hush hush, of course :smile:

My 250/100 MPPT Lifetime Total says 9992kWh.

It is not optimal yet … need more batteries … HOBBY purchase. :laughing:

I’m forever shouting at clouds…

I’m shouting at the sun’s angle!

It’s a great feeling watching those KWh pile up and not having to give Eskom and municipalities all that money.

I also surpassed 13MWh. I’ve increased the pv array a few months ago and looking at an average of 14MWh per year. At CoCT’s current electricity tariffs that’s nearly R40k not going to them.

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Fortunately the angle has not made much of a difference to my system for Winter Vs summer. In winter I get about 4kWp and in summer around 4.3kWp

I’ve done 14.9MWh since I started logging to VRM (some time in 2017), but I made my own power since 2013 so it should be more. I’ve always had a somewhat small PV array though, my goal was always just to get rid of the most expensive block of electricity.

No one is listening.

That was this Cpt winter, with 300w from a 4.2kw array, some days even 0, yes ZERO watts … I have given up. :laughing:

Where are you located and what’s your yearly generation like?

I’m just outside Cape Town. Last year I made 4100kWh. I cannot really compare with other years since the PV array has grown and I also moved house last year (leading to a few weeks of zero generation).

But last year was my best year so far.

I have 2800Wp on the roof, but about a third of it points east. The rest points North.

Edit: That works out about 1464 hours of STC-level sunshine, which is 4 hours a day. Interesting. So take the solar array size and multiply by 4. That’s the average it makes in a day :slight_smile:

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That’s one of the figures I look at.

On the Solarman app it’s called peak hours and they give the daily, monthly, yearly and total peak hours.

June I had 56.19 which will be the lowest in the year for my location. While January had 184.92 and December at 188.06 peak hours. I’m already over 50 peak hours for August.

@Achmat , which Solarman app gives you the peak hours

Solarman Business

Since November 2021 when I started using Solar Assistant my system has produced 874.8Kwh solar.