My highest recordings yet

I use Outbacks on the system I am referring to. So I can’t say. The demo library of Veconnect does seem to store historical MPPT peak values, but the demo only has the last 30 days.

I’ll take a look soon as I get a chance.

I have seen them listed amongst the other devices, will play around there soon as time allows.

Just go to your GX’s Remote Connection and click on your MPPT → Overall History


I have no option see the most PV yield under overall history.

And check out my minimum battery voltage!!! Quite an achievement for a 48V battery.

You are looking for the Max PV voltage there at the top. This is the highest voltage your panels have ever been, and that should be kept below the max your MPPT can handle.
If you have the SmartSolar 150 range then you reached 119.23V of the max 150V
In my case I reched 96.29V out of max 100V because I use the SmartSolar 100/20 MPPT.

The yield values is under the Daily history option and will only show for the last few days

Ok noted, but I thought it prudent to also be able to see the max watts that was produced.

If I add further panels, I will ensure that is in terms of further strings, not adding to existing strings and upping the voltage.

But I’m trying to figure out if I can safely do that having regard to “clipping” that was mentioned above.

Don’t worry too much about the watts. If you keep under the max voltage try to optimise the current as best you can. The watts will then sort themselve out.
P = V * I (Power is voltage times current)

Input voltage so long as it is within limits is not a determining parameter.
There is nothing conclusive about your available power capability from this data.
What you are looking for is a record of power out, or better yet current out.
Then you’ll be in a position to make informed decisions.

Haha! Maybe that was a short circuit on the output? Something that caused the system voltage to drop hard before the inverter overloaded?

No idea. But something conked up, probably in the early stages of doing fine tuning.

Check out my other MPPT. 0.01 Volt :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Yoh, this is too close for comfort!

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Great stuff.

Then I can do this without breaking the bank for next winter. All I want is for PV power to be available a little earlier in the morning. So I’m hoping to purchase 2 more 414W or bigger panels and route them to the MPPT that looks after the morning array. I have a space for them.

No hope for the last afternoon sun though due to neighboring trees.

I like to optimise :slight_smile:

These 100/20 48V units that I have are great. Matched with 4x 400W(ish) PV panels in 2S2P they produce 1kW power at a cost of around R12k for the set.
If you want more power just add another set. It’s very easy to scale incrementally.

Something of interest:
Standard capacitor voltage ratings:
100V, 160V, 250V
Now, I have no idea if these are used, but I can’t see why not.
But, it does mean the 150V MPPT may have a little wriggle room if it is used.

I’m currently racking my brain on how to route the new cables which will take some planning to get them from their secluded spot into the garage where the MPPT is.

It would’ve been so much easier if I could just add each in an existing string but then I’ll be asking for trouble. That would give me a VOC of 142,8 on 3 seried panels.

Wish I knew this for a fact.

I picked my panels from ArtSolar because their rating for MAx PV (STD conditions) were 49.0V. In real terms you never really get to STC conditions, so NOCT is more what you can expect.
You will sometimes in winter get the cloud flare where the panels are very cool and the sun peaks over a cloud. That is my max PV that you see. Those panels in 2S would give 98V for STC conditions. The best I could get is 96.29V so it is fine.

Also, I have it under good authority that the Victron MPPTs can handle overvoltage and will just safely shut down until they can restart under normal conditions. That is why I like Victron products. If this was an Axpert the smoke would be all over my garage.
That said: I do not have an FSB license and cannot give out any financial advise…
(or a solar license)

what current are they currently running and what do you plan to add? Somewhere on this forum Jaco posted the SABS ratings for DC cable sizes.

Also, it sounds like you have an MPPT that does the morning sun and another that does the afternoon sun?
So why not add the new panels to the one that is idle that time of the day.
I have 2 MPPTs. One that runs the panels looking north and another that runs the panels looking east (string 1) and west (string 2). These panels are a bit oversize, cause the string looking west only produce much smaller power while the sun is rising and vise versa. [Optimised :smiley: ]

You mean my existing cables? They are 10mm2 in size and about 8-10m long. The current through them should in theory be what the panels are capable I suppose? 10.49A per panel x 2 = 20.9A

Three strings of those per MPPT. Not sure if this is what you asked or whether I completely misunderstood you.

Correct yes.

Yes this is my plan. But I considered whether I can merely add one panel to two of the existing strings but thereby upping the voltage. Because I’m lazy and do not want to make a 4th string to the morning MPPT because of the routing, drilling etc required.

Wiring them in serious is much easier. But now I also remembered that all panels on a string must face the same direction and angle etc. So this wont work.