My highest recordings yet

It is 13h20 and overcast with rain from time to time.

Just observed the highest watts and charging amps on my setup as of yet.

Quite chuffed with my little setup :slight_smile:

48V 3Kva Multi II
2 x 150 | 35 MPPT’s
5Kva PV array

Highest amps

and highest watts.

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Nice, very very nice!!!

My 4.2kw array has seen a spike or more of 5.5kw on cool rainy cloudy days when the full sun breaks through for a moment …

I’m still waiting for mine to do this under those perfect cloud edge conditions.

My tree is going down this week. Cant wait to see the improvement.

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I always drop TTT a msg to check his when I get high outputs on my side. Mine is 2.9kw array. 6 panels on 60a mppt and 3 panels on other 60a mppt.

These were the best two days ever … that I actually saw …

Note: I do have a 24v MP800va that discharges its 24v 100ah bank (8 cells) into the house, to achieve the above result.

What was a HOBBY became a “hold my beer” moment when I realized it is cheaper to use the little system to feed the house circuits at night, re-charge on a Scheduled Charge when I have spare solar daytime than upgrading the existing bank, as the MP is 2nd hand, having had to repair it.

Have a 12v 500VA MP also waiting for its 12v 100ah batts (4 cells) to arrive, to do same with unless we camp, then it becomes the camping setup.

Because I only have a total of 12 cells, I cannot add these batts to the main system, so this was my HOBBY plan … :slight_smile:

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Caught my system doing 44 amps this morning but I was too late to screenshot it in time.

In stead I got this. 41 amps from a 35A MPPT. Cloud edge again?

Eeeek, got it this time!!!

Check this one!!! Wil I not blow something up???

And its staying around 40-41 amps.

How is this possible?

Edit to add: Oh wait. Its because I have 2 x 35A MPPT’s in parallel.

3 strings per MPPT of 2 panels each in serie giving about 22 amps per string according to the panel specs.

This would explain it.

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If you look at the Advance tab, you can add widgets for each MPPT (top right icon with the 3 sliders)
Solar Charger Battery Voltage and Current and Solar Charger PV Voltage and Current graphs should give you want you want.

Thanks, I looked at them.

So the peaks are shown on both as 21.3 and 21.8 amps respectively giving me 43 amps in total.

This sounds about right.