Looking for Panels

Hi Guys
I am in desperate need to find this specific panel to add to existing system
If anyone has or can point me in the right direction in Cape Town I would really appreciate it.

The panels in question are Canadian Solar KuMAX CS3U-355
Thanks as always !

Segensolar and/or Rubicon.

I cannot buy from Segensolar and Rubicon struggles to read properly, 355watt became 410 Hiku :frowning:

Is there a reason it needs to be the exact same wattage not just the same “look” and size?

To finish my installation we couldn’t find 320W panels that I already had, but the 325W variant was available, for example.

sorry should have been more clear, I have the 355watt version, the kumax goes to 370watt which would also work as the characteristics are the same, 410watt hiku version does not fit the bill

Either I or @JacoDeJongh can help.

Dankie, ek stuur jou more 'n boodskap ! :smiley:

Why can’t you buy from Rubicon. I buy from them. Another place you can try is Solar Solved and speak to Arie, He imports Can’s panels. Canadian Solar : 355w Canadian Solar Panel

Heine from Herholdts open a branch in cape town he imports container loads of panels.

We have 2 local guys on the forum that will beat their prices 95 % of the time. You guys can compare our prices whenever you need stuff.


And that’s why we got you guys on the forum Jaco. :slight_smile: I work (around) R4 invat per watt on a panel, then I know it’s a good deal.

Do you say you can get panels from these guys for R4 per wat inclusive…

I can buy from Rubicon, the issue is service, I phoned 4 times was able to speak to a person 2 of the times, not sure if its lack of knowledge but they keep on suggesting I buy the new Hiku (CS3W) panels at 410watt. I am asking for the Kumax version (CS3U).
I bought my panels from Solar Solved Avie originally, he does not have stock.
Found the 365watt version at Sonop solar but the price is R5.85 per watt.

I am very happy to support you guys if possible to find the correct panel and stock

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Not all the time Jaco. I’m a Bargain hunter. I look around when good bargains pop up. That’s why I said ball park around R4 invat Setsolar had a special on 335w pannels last month for R3.86 ex vat that works out R1487 invat. Other day a place in cape town side had 335w Can’s for R1300 on special. Drop the guy a msg to find out if it’s ex vat the price. His responds was he isn’t vat registered so that is his price. Bargain hunting

Man, I am so tired of having to “follow up” on things. The point of farming a job out to someone is because I don’t have time to do it all myself. If I have to repeatedly call people to get stuff done, it defeats the purpose. Reason for this morning’s rant: I have to add a bathroom to the house, and the builder was here almost a week ago now… complete silence. So now I again have to contact him… hello… don’t want to be a pain… please don’t forget… hello… still me… please remember… hello, should I rather get someone else? (I really hate having to threaten people)…


Which brings me to a bit of an off-topic rant. By all means ignore… but man… never ever EVER buy a car that you have not personally inspected/test-driven. Perhaps in line with “don’t buy second-hand panels at night”. This may seem like very very obvious common-sense, but sometimes, just sometimes, when you are looking for a vehicle that doesn’t seem to exist in your own province, you may believe it when someone offers a service that inspects and delivers a vehicle for you.

So there is this bunch in Vereeniging called Cars Direct. Man, just stay away. When they deliver a vehicle that is in good shape – which is most of the time mind you – they make a big fuss out of it. When there are some things wrong with it… silence. Complete block-out. To the point now that I am asking myself whether the 25k I had to spend to get the vehicle in proper shape is worth the price of my sanity. Cause I don’t think I’m ever getting it back. Really crappy video here.

Yeah, that. Just yesterday someone else was telling me their frustrating experiences in trying to talk to someone at Rubicon Jhb.

I always email Cpt. Have never called them in my life. They have called me a few times, but that does not “count” as phoning them. :slight_smile:

Can drop them a mail, if no one else has already asked, and see if there is any stock of Canadian Solar KuMAX models CS3U-355P, 360P, 365 or P370P?

While I don’t wish this pain on anyone, I am glad that others share it and it is not just me that is unreasonable.

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I searched for 3 weeks before I came here to ask for help and its mind boggling the responses one gets.
My email to Rubicon came back with a quote for CS3L-350P-MC4 where I explicitly explained why and which panels I want a quote for in this case CS3U.

I found some now, I literally require just one more :frowning:

I must then be really lucky, for as bad as my luck is with blowing things up, I cannot complain about any of the regular sparkie, plumber, DIY person we use. They come, they quote, it gets done. When we built up a few years ago, the builders, same thing, the teams doing the jobs were just “there”. Finished the last tiles at 12:25 am on the morning of the 25th of Des, yes, we built in the so-called “builders holiday”, 7 weeks flat and we were done with new slab on top of our house, roof back on, all tiled … whilst we lived in a bottom portion of the house.

Ps. Asked tiler to please cut the tiles with a grinder outside to “…iss” off the neighbor who gave us such immense drama attempting to infringe on our rights. They even got the Munic severely ticked off at them with their nonsense. But that is a whole other story. The contractors were just “there” all the way.

My point … there are success stories too. I’m just lucky in that regard.

O my … thanks for THAT heads-up!