Just have a think, ICE cars EVs and power generation

Yeah I saw that last week, and the average comment (as usual) was “don’t these people know we have load shedding?” followed by “they will be stolen and vandalised by the end of the week”. The negativity of my fellow countrymen… well… maybe it’s selection bias. The negative ones tend to beset the comment section on Facebook.

Anyway… I think the one thing we can say is that R40mil is actually not all that much money. If you think about it… that’s not going to build an entire charge network. That will be what… maybe 50 charging stations?


OK, fair enough, I didn’t bother reading. That is 315k per charger. That is not a bad price for a public charger.

Both are experiences experienced in SA … the moment the chargers are deemed to have a “resale” value, the game is on. Just like cell tower batts and their plight to be “contained”. (pun intended)

It is encouraging though … a start.

Another SA motor company years ago refused to pay the “bribes” when they wanted to get permission to roll out their charging stations at that time. But that was way before LS got really bad, so maybe a blessing in there somewhere for them, don’t know. But that Gov is “involved” … whole new level of complexity that.

Sure… but do these naysayers ever ask themselves how come service stations aren’t robbed more often? I mean, do we really suppose this charge station is just going to sit there, unguarded, in a remote hard-to-reach-area (like many mobile towers), allowing people to rock up and steal stuff? It’s like people don’t even pause to challenge their own negativity anymore.

Sure, there is a lot to be negative about. But my goodness… pause and think a moment before shooting off your mouth! :slight_smile:

Edit: I mean, one lady in the comment section was yelling at a particular political party (we all know which one) and said the money is better used fixing potholes. So… she’s arguing that a private company (Mercedes Benz) should fix the potholes rather than spend it on something that will help them sell cars. And she didn’t pause to realise how stupid that sounds?

If you want your day not to be spoiled, never read the comments section. Just focus on the good bits in the article. :innocent:

Ps. Reminds me, Get this WA, do I want to earn R40 per jobbie done? Had a moment, yes I replied. See this site, they reply, go and review it, send us proof and you earn R40. If you can do 100 per day, that is good money yes? … yes I replied if you do actually pay, and more importantly, if I indeed have interacted with said website to give an actual honest review … they did not reply after that.

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We’re not a charity” - Volkswagen boss casts doubt on future of SA plant….

In the news today, harbours, railways, strikes, blackouts amongst the issues….


Adding to that article … he also said:

En as is verbrande hout. During the few decades, “they” did not put anything in place. Past behaviour and ideology is a very good predictor of future behaviour. Sadly, I predict…


True, but now the “floor” is open to big business to get down to “business” … watch, elections are coming to a voting booth near you.

Edit: China comes to mind too, to “invest” in that here … will see.

Don’t disagree, but remeber all that VW debt, a moerse lot. They will do whatever to save some euros bucks. Like in the beginning of this post, I asked the question about the current incumbents and where they will shut down first?


When ever till now in the past decades did business ever do so, never, spineless and woke comes to mind. Toe the line and get them contracts, moola all the way over what is good for the people and country.


True, but then the ANC was strong. Today not so much anymore.

Courts are again “open for business” in that they are not “captured” as much anymore.

The Bell Pottinger fiasco, the auditing firms that got caught out, the Banks, the companies in and around Medupe and Kusile, stuff with international consequences. Big Business is doing it better now. And they keep SARS happy so bugger the ANC.

However, it is a temporary situation, the Mafias. Coming to mind are the Construction Mafia etc.

Why temporary? People are seriously gatvol, today Mafias “rule” big business until the police, and it is inevitable, become less “captured”. The courts are ready for the cases. Gnl Hat is having a harder and harder time explaining the lack of results. And he is old, the moment ANC loses the elections, he is gone. As are the Mantashe and Gordhan things.

What gave me that hope was when CoCT impounded taxis using a National Law that was on the books. House of Cards comes to my mind, coming down card for card. No-one can hold the majority to “ransome” indefinitely.

Coupled with the patient, although in no rush, the long-reaching arms of the law.

Patience, there is an election coming to a booth near you.

EV’s, the opportunities in SA, the raw materials right here on the continent, there are opportunities and the new generation is here, they are ready for jobs and business. If the 4.7mil (?) new voter registrations are any indication, we are in for an interesting election.

South Africans will probably be happy if VW leaves… because it will prove their negative arses right.

I shouldn’t read the comment section, I know, but watching people discuss the return of one Koeberg unit with several naysayers predicting that it’s Chernobyl-II… which on top of being utterly idiotic (it’s a water moderated reactor, so why more likely to have a 3-mile-island type disaster), just displays that typical anger that is now so common-place. They will literally cheer if a nuclear disaster happens, because that will prove them right.

And now:
BERLIN, Nov 27 (Reuters) - Volkswagen’s (VOWG_p.DE) 10 billion euro ($10.9 billion) savings programme will include staff reductions, managers told staff on Monday as brand chief Thomas Schaefer warned that high costs and low productivity were making its cars uncompetitive.

However, the bulk of the 10 billion euro savings goal would be achieved through measures other than personnel reduction, Kilian added, with the full details to be defined by the end of the year.

“We need to finally be brave and honest enough to throw things overboard that are being duplicated within the company or are simply ballast we don’t need for good results,” Kilian said.

Read into that what you will then….


Australia comes to mind here, they lost all OEMs manufacturing. Them dominoes….


Part of this is that when we take a strong position on anything, we have to be prepared to double down or lose face. Sometimes I think it’s better to have no strong opinions on anything at all.

Which would remove lots of fun from my life, but also allow me to play the old game of changing my mind when the facts change.

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Over my dead body brother…


I’m very fluid in my opinions when facts change, more information is presented.

Cause when the facts change it is better one changes ones opinions or you become the one that is wrong.

And nothing wrong with having a strong conviction/opinion. Thing is, if/when the facts change, the bigger person will re-asses their position on the matter. Now it appears not many can do that, as it can be rather embarrassing for some, don’t know why though … just look at home, do wifes EVER admit when they are wrong? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

In context of @plonksters post, people can have very strong opinions on the www. If they do gain more knowledge, they seldom if ever update that view left for all to see, spurring vitriol at times.