JoJo Water Booster Pump

Hi all.

Curious what size/pressure booster pumps people are running out of their JoJo tanks into their houses.

Have a 2 story, need to get water upstairs bathroom.
then any comments about make/model/experience also welcome.

Makes locally available:

  • Pascali
  • DAB
  • ACm
  • Cascade
  • LEO
  • Stream
  • wilo


I use a DAB pump. Even the smaller models can do a 35m head that should be fine for 3 stories.
Just check the specs of the models you are looking at.

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Buy one that someone chucked out because they couldn’t make it work… :slight_smile:

Also Speroni. I have the CM 53, may be hard to find. One issue is pump burnout. Not really motor, but the pump head when run dry. Most impellers nowadays are made from some engineering plastic. You still get brass impellers. I also opted for motor protection from Rhomberg, available from ACDC. Will post the Rhomberg details later.

The CM 53 is 2.2 kW and pump curves are everything. Mine is currently to be installed and will feed the house from the tanks as well as my irrigation. They should be available from Co-Ops like NWK online etc. I got mine from NWK. Agrinet are the distributors.


This lil device is like magic :slight_smile:

The Rhomberg motor protection:
MP820 Single Phase Motor / Pump Protection Relay

  • DIN rail mount.
  • Underload sensing by measuring phase angle (eg. Protection against running dry)
  • Overload sensing by measuring current amplitude (eg. Protection against blockages or shut valve)
  • Unit automatically calibrates for underload and overload detection at the push of a button.
  • Calibration reset for easy setting up of motor changeover.
  • Direct in-line current sensing for motors up to 1.1kW.
  • Direct interface with conventional current transformer for motors>1.1kW.
  • Liquid Level Control.
  • Adjustable restart timer on underload (ie running dry).
  • Fixed start-up delay (3 seconds standard).
  • Unit latches in de-energised state on overload fault only.
  • LED indication of all fault conditions and all modes of operation.

You may need CTs for bigger motors.


I have a simple DAB pump with a 375W motor. Has enough head to make it to the second floor (or the first story, depending on how you count). Flow is sufficient as long as you’re not doing everything at once. This is pretty much the smallest pump you get in the range.

Edit: This one actually has a brass impeller, in a steel housing. If the pump doesn’t run for a long time, there is some kind of corrosion action between the two parts that can lock it up. So you need to run the pump once every few weeks to keep it loose.

I chose DAB E.sybox after a long research…
I know its slight overkill but the DAB E.sybox Mini wouldn’t suite my needs hence the slightly bigger one.
Power efficiency is great as well as water delivery (constant pressure). This is coupled with two 2500L jojo’s…the borehole pump is Franklin Electric so all coupled together works like a charm.
The best thing is my water bill is 0 :smiley:

explain that bill is 0…

how can my bill also be 0.

also liking the DAB, just not very “impressed” with their local people.

Been told good things about Pascali also.


I closed my municipal water meter and additionally put a stop valve on my side of the yard :slight_smile:
There is a T type connection - one CoJ water, one my water and one to the house.

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I see nobody mentioned Grundfos, as far as I know they make proper good quality pumps?


I have a very old Grundfos wellpoint pump and it’s still working perfectly. I did have to replace the capacitor a couple of years ago, but that’s it.

comments on Builders Tallas pumps ?


what you end paying ?


No booster pump from them, so no experience within the context here.

But I had a Tallas DW submersible in a grey water system. It was still working fine when I sold the house, and it was there for a number of years. They do appear to be better quality than some of the other local offerings I’ve seen. The local offering, is some no-name brand I saw at ACDC (for less money), and this one from CRI, which is also not bad, but the Tallas feels nicer.

On “special”, friend price, brand new just over 12k
Additionally, I got the cover and easy dock…

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From the feedback I got, good but loud as they are VSD based…

We have two. One 850W and the other 1100W. The 850W has a pressure vessel. Neither of the pumps run regularly. I got the 1100W in 2017 I believe. It is used to fill up my swimming pool from our collection Jojo or (more recently) to fill up our Jojo that feeds the house from the collection one. Hasn’t given me a moment’s trouble.
The 850W plus pressure vessel I got for a ridiculously cheap price at builders. Wasn’t even planning on getting another pump but then I saw how much this one was marked down and just bought it. Was something silly like R800.
The 850W and pressure vessel is plumbed into the house, getting its feed from the Jojo at the highest point in our garden (not collection Jojo). The pressure vessel works really nicely. It acts as a buffer so you never lose pressure on a tap. It would also deliver a fair bit of water before the pump would have to kick in. The pump then only pressurises the vessel and then switches off again. However, this does result in the pump switching on and off somewhat often if you are using less water than the pump would deliver when it repressurises the vessel. I’m not sure it would be very good for longevity of the pump if used in a permanent manner (and not great for inrush current on inverter if run off-grid). Also not a moment’s trouble, but this one has only been around about 5 months.

I started off with the bladder type 1kw which lasted about 6 years before the pressure vessel holding the bladder rusted through.
I then thought I was clever by converting an old 48kg gas bottle into a pressure vessel. This works great but I did not take into account that the gas bottle would eventually give off a small amount of rust if not used often. I sorted this out by installing filters but will eventually have to take it out and line the inside of the gas bottle with some adequate coating.

Was the pressure vessel and pump one unit? Normally the bladder type vessels are larger and are separate from the pump. These are used as storage tanks as well mostly on borehole installations. The modern ones aren’t made of thick steel so rust will be a problem.
My question is will a sacrificial anode help with this corrosion problem??

I spoke to a friend living on a small holding this morning, they have a double story house and a flat for his parents on the property, his tanks is on the ground.
He always had a 1.5 kW pump on the main house and a 750W pump on the flat, but a while before lock down he replaced both with a single Grundfos Scala2 VSD pump after already using a Grundfos Scala 1 on his irrigation system for years.

He says the pump is amazing, 2 people can now shower at the same time without any issues, something they could never do in the past, it’s also not noisy at all where his old Jojo pumps made one heck of a racket every time it started.
He says you can actually tune it to your exact requirement, you turn it on and then you can increase the pressure if needed.

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