Issues starting to appear with Water Supply

Another bloody issue, complex at that. Lots of different areas, higher areas more so, are suffering with shortages. Some places are already suffering no water between certain times on a daily basis.

Together with this, as we have seen during December in costal areas more so, that goes hand in hand with sewage issues. Time for water storage and portapotties…


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Yip could see this coming and we already had issues because of poor maintenance.
We fortunate to have a septic tank system so not reliant on the sewer infrastructure but I think that could cause more problems than no water.

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Got 10KL installed, collecting rainwater, but can fill if needed. Got a small pump on it with the larger one sitting in a box for the proper install, still to be done. No pressure regulation or buffer tank atm. Also have a RO system that we can hook up for drinking supply. This old house is very old, so no easy way to plumb grey water sadly.

Portapotty stashed away, just in case of the oh :poop: hitting Eksdom…


Unfortunately the next thing. Does anyone have some top tips or suggestions on whole house water filtering?

Some of my more intelligent friends have been digging in on the whole permaculture scene, plenty resources there on how to be nifty. Though it’s pretty hands on and tech-hippy. Very agricultural. But despite the long haired prepper image many leaders in the field are highly intelligent Phd types who see ‘other ways’.

Not really advice but perhaps a good area to snoop about in.

That depends on the source that needs filtering. Depending on that source, have it tested for potability. It may have coliforms, metals, birdpoop if rain collected, or other contaminates in it, or just be hard or brackish.

Filtering will depend on all the above and more. Google may also help…


Just tap water at this stage, but with a buffer tank.
Done a bit of googling and everyone seems to be seeing very similar kit under different names and prices.

We have had this for 24 months or more. Sewerage backing up due to little water in the system. Blockages etc. My son has 1 day on water (till 12:00) and then 2 days off…

I had one of these installed at my house ( jhb north)
It’s working well so far.

When CoCT had #DayZero, a lot of people installed a lot of very expensive filters and tanks and whatnot.

Then the City sorted itself, neighbors got reported and all that, and the rains returned.

A lot of very expensive stuff was sold for next to nothing on like Gumtree.

My first flow, still working, is a 2.2kl portable pool covered, a 2nd hand 1.1kw pool pump, and a cartridge filter to move water around. The 5kl and 2kl tanks are full when there are rains, used for the garden. All are still in operation after all this time.

Idea was, if it got really bad, the 9.2kl on the property, then i would have gotten the proper filters, for human consumption.

My point is HODL (Hold On For Dear Life) and consider storing water in other ways, like at one point we had like 20 x 20l filtered water stored all over the house for drinking, delivered weekly as we used it … and other times appropriate measures taken, plan A, with plans for B-Z, AA-ZZ, aa-zz in hand.

I have the same filter installed as midnightcaller and then a water softener - we have extremely hard water with loads of calcium in it.

Yesterday I installed a tank and a pressure pump with VFD. Not a huge tank - 2500l. But it will last a while if the water completely stops. The problem for us has mostly been nearly no water pressure at some stages, but still a bit of running water. If the problem really get bad I have a swimmingpool full of water and access to borehole water…

It’s easy to go overboard, but basic needs are easy to meet. You need 3.5 liters of water per day for an adult, slightly less for kids. So a water cooler, and these 20 liter bottles that fit on them, make an easy solution that also adds a bit of luxury to your life too.

But even if you have 250 liters, 500 liters, or 1000 liters, that will buy several days of staying healthy and alive.

If you have a pool, then you are already covered for the next step: Washing up every now and then… flushing a toilet or two.

But do keep in mind that soon, if things really get this bad, you may not have the luxury of a sewage system. This is where the rubber meets the road. If things get that bad, septic tank tech may be the next thing… :slight_smile:

I’m thankful I have mine AND a french drain. No waterborne in my area. It is old tech but will work a treat when the problems start (and they have already).

Oh man… joke time. I swear my brain is wired to link jokes and 80s music lyrics on demand, requiring only a few words to jog the memory.

A man was hired to play the bagpipes at a funeral. He was running a bit late and by the time he arrived the ceremony was over and only a few grave diggers were still there filling up the hole. Apparently this had been a poor man, as his coffin appeared to be made from something other than wood. Seeing as he was there anyway, he played the piece he had prepared. The people filling in the hole later reported that they really enjoyed hearing him play, although they have a hard time understanding why you’d play the bagpipes while installing a septic tank.