Municipal back up water install

Because I like giving myself work I have started another project before I finished my first one. :man_facepalming:

So we have some issues with municipal water and pressure quite a lot, plus I think the next big problem after load shedding will be water supply. So I have a nice new 5kl tank and a new dab pump. Will post the install too as i think if you got the space should be looking into this.

Had that Esybox Mini at a previous house (same place as my MultiPlus 3kVA) and it is amazing. Buying another one as soon as my current pump packs up.

Completely set and forget. Just remember that it’s not waterproof from the top – they sell a plastic thingy that clips on top to prevent rainwater ingress.

We’ve had about 5 burst water mains in the last 2 months. Each being 24-72 hours without water. We’ve already got a 5kL tank and booster pump that’s only used for irrigation (with municipal water) that the previous owners installed. Once my panels are up the next thing for me is to also get that hooked up to the house. (When does the spending on basics stop?)

Well. That might explain the trips I’ve been getting when it rains. Not the same booster, but I’m guessing it’s the same cause.

A very bad design for a pump - it would have been so easy… I see the cover is R700 plus…

Mine will be located in a shed so out of rain, but I’m also thinking of mounting flat as it might be better for my piping. Was going to get something to cover it anyway mostly for the dust.

Plastic dog kennel. That’s what I’ve done in the past. Take a jigsaw and take out the bottom so it just sits on top of the device. If you want to, you can make something to hold it down. Or a few bricks also works.

Jojo makes one, but it is also around R700.


That pump is actually meant to be used indoors as a domestic booster, hence the low noise and all-in-one-ness. They make larger ones and kits to double-up, but all aimed at high rises and so-on. I think they got caught by surprise that people wanted to use it as an irrigation pump and stick it outside.

I think that one also allows practically any orientation, which is nice. Inverter-based, pressure vessel embedded, automatic pressure compensation is great for different-sized irrigation zones, heimwee

When I installed they didn’t have a cover at all, so stuck it in a Keter half-height box that was doubling as the garden shed. (Estate didn’t allow full-height sheds that are visible from neighbours.)

Oct 2016:

Feb 2018:

It ran 5x of these sprayers at the same time, or only one without overpowering it :cry:

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Ah this picture actually show something I was wondering.
In the quick installation guide they show the pipes coming out the front when mounted upright and from the bottom when mounted on its back, I see you have yours coming out the bottom while its upright. Can you use any inlet/outlet no matter the orientation? I couldn’t find the answer in the manual.

Yeah, whichever you want. The supplied plugs just go in the other holes.

I did it like this to smoothen the water stream after the right-angle from the bottom. My previous pump impeller failed due to cavitation damage, where the angle is too close to the pump inlet and the water too turbulent when it hits the pump. Then you get bubbles that can be severe enough to damage the pump blades.

So a 500mm+ “smoothing” section was recommended by the local pump guys, think mine was a bit less in the end. That’s also why the feeder is 50mm, then a 50mm bend, and only then down to 25mm. The water turns slowly and then speeds up afterwards in the 25mm pipe section and doesn’t turn again.

So gardener found the pipe last week and then I compacted soil and made a frame yesterday so he can gooi concrete and some wire mesh into it to support the 5 tons of water.

Can’t find the easybox mini anywhere, even on They only have the max.

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I got my DAB pump from hose world in meyerton.

Installed the valves but have a small leak that needs fixing. Next is the concrete base and then the wait for it to set. I have put in valves so that I can either bypass tank and run from municipal line or bypass municipal line and run from tank.

Here is a very fancy paint sketch :stuck_out_tongue: of what I’m doing with all those valves

I would love to have this inverter pressure control system on my borehole. 1.5kw, single phase.

Base was cast a few days ago and took off frame today, now just to keep it wet while it cures for a couple weeks

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Be careful. I can see that tank is creeping closer in the background :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice project

A few more days should be fine, surely… The tank is killing your grass so needs to get some water in it :wink:
Lekker project!

As Louis said it’s creeping closer because I keep moving it around so the grass doesn’t die :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

But I will put the tank on top soon, but will wait another week or two before I fill it. It’s going to be super heavy