Hi from Somerset West


Some might recognise me from another forum and a thread on MyBB where i was accused of hogging the limelight with all my updates about my solar setup.

Hoping to contribute where I can with real world data from my system.

My setup

8kw sunsynk inverter
34 x 305w Canadian solar panels (10° angle on IBR carport NNW)
4 x US3000 pylontech batteries
Compete DB on the inverter with no loads before it.

Commissioned on 1 August 2020 so only one more month before I have it a full year.

Zero maintenance so far and only additions done since commissioning the system.


Welcome Achmat

I am proud to say my system has 8 PV panels :smiley:

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MyBB can get pretty snarky at times. But howzit man! It’s your Sunsynk results that made me decide to use it at my parents place, so no your constant updates was really helpful

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Naaa, not enough. Get some more … you know you want to. :laughing:

Will need a lot more if I want to get through a proper Cape Town winter day. Got less than 2kwh from my 10kw array a few days ago.

Only thing that will help now is a wind turbine.




@Achmat Welcome

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@Achmat Have you got one of those new “Sunsynk” wind turbine models as per photo of @Village_Idiot? Thats really funny lol. Achmat, test and give feedback on the production stats. thats also 8 more panels and you can tell your neighbor you will take 8 of your panels off his roof … lol

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Hi @Achmat , do you go by " Signates " on myBB

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Yes. Changed it yesterday though.

thought so, as you knew I lived in Pinelands, Cape Town :laughing:

From which part of CFM are you? I’m up here on the hill in Heldervue… :slight_smile:

Hi Achmat. Abit late to welkom, but never the less, welcome!

@plonkster , not know you from this Valley. Im from Strand. Klein Wereld.

I’m down in Bridgewater close to van der stel train stadion.

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I thought you knew :rofl:

Man! I stayed in Strand for my whole childhood. I love that place. My mom still stays there and I often drives through it just to feel like a kid again. :sweat_smile:

My sister stays in Helena Heights, but I am much farther away.

Im in Strand near Goedehoop Spar. This is a great place. Being from a small town called Wolseley, Strand that great in-bewtween places!! Not a City, but not a dorpie!

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Wife and I stayed over in Wolseley recently. Lovely little town! We went to a wedding at Olive Rock.

I grew up in Dorrington Street, basically on the other side of Broadway from Goedehoop Spar. Many of my friends stayed on that side of Broadway, so my surviving walking across that road for so many years is close to miraculous.

Helena Height, Thats allmost next to Small-Germany :slight_smile:

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