Geyser options for a new building

This thread from the 4x4 forum i found interesting: New building - what geyser options
From the 16/12/21 onwards there are interesting comments by senior manne in the industry. My interest is in stand alone PV heating offerings of which there are a number but I think the jury is still out on the viability of some of them…

Note for CoCT: ANY PV panels on a roof needs to be registered, including direct DC water heating (traditional solar heating tubes / enclosed panels are exempt). Costs nothing and is painless in this case.

Sure! I must do this…
What form do I fill in?

That’ll be this one:,%20notices,%20tariffs%20and%20lists/Application%20for%20the%20connection%20of%20Embedded%20Generation.pdf

Topic about that specifically: Process to register PV in CoCT

You’ll tick option # 6 on the form, no engineering sign-off needed. Leave blank everything that doesn’t seem to apply.