For Sale or swop: Solis-Mini-2000-4G

I have a used Solis-Mini-2000-4G grid-tied inverter with WiFi stick for sale. It is ± 3yrs old. Got it from a relative with the intention of connecting it on AC-Out of my Multi-II without realising the battery limitations, I only have 1 x battery. Looking in the region of R4k or to part swop for a newish Victron Smartsolar MPPT 150/45.

Edit: Added pics and included WiFi stick

@plonkster here is a nice test unit for you :stuck_out_tongue:

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Happy to swop it if the @plonkster has a 150/45 MPPT lying around doing nothing :grin:

Not right now, but an upgrade is planned for my home system, which may well liberate a 150/45. But I have no due date on that yet.

Edit: Reading elsewhere… it is way older than 3 years though. I think it was one of the very first that was produced. Anyway, problem for another day :slight_smile:

Ja, I see that now, got it from a cousin who took it out of a house he bought and he “thought” it was about 3 yrs old. I mailed Ginlong yesterday and they came back this morning, Nogales vinninge response. Will amend the price accordingly when I’m back at the PC.


This inverter is produced in November 2017, if the warranty has not been extended, according to the principle of 5-year warranty, this inverter has been out of warranty.

From: RGH <>
Date: Thu,Mar 30,2023 10:11 PM
To: aftersales <>
Subject: Solis Warranty

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Ginlong Technologies Co.,Ltd.

Overseas Support Engineer
JiaYi Wang(Jessie)

Have also mailed Segen Solar, I believe they the importing agents, to see if the warranty was ever extended. Let’s see how long that takes for a response.

No no no… I was unclear. I’m saying the 150/45 I’ve got is older than 3 years. I looked now, it is a January 2018 model. One of the first SmartSolar models that came with the new microcontroller and Bluetooth. But if you find a taker for the Solis, let it go. Still have it by June-ish, maybe we can do a swap.

No worries, will see how it goes😀

Well I’m gobsmacked!

So my cuzzy was right, Segen Solar have come back and can confirm that they sold the unit on 6th December 2020, original warranty is still valid until Dec 6th 2025 and it is still eligible for the 10yr warranty upgrade, at addional cost of course.

I know Covid struck at the end 2019 and early 2020, just amazed that Ginlong say manufacture was in Nov 2017 and Segen reckon they sold it in Dec 2020. Ever Given and the major shipping backlogs had also not yet happened.

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Bump… R3500

Question on the warranty, does it follow the device or only the first person who bought, has the warranty?

Not sure Jaco, was installed in a house that my cousin bought in Jhb. Will try and get an answer from him or Segen Solar.

Right, I have an answer. Segen are actually quite good, logged a query last night on their website and had a call this morning from a Jeremiah.

So the long and the short of it is that the warranty does follow the device… with one caveat… any warranty claims have to be submitted by a registered Segen Solar dealer, end user cannot directly approach Segen.

This shouldn’t be a major issue, I think just about any solar installer or dealer would/should be registered with Segen, they are one of the larger solar suppliers are they not? At least in Cape Town area, not sure about the rest of the land.

Bump… shipping included.

@plonkster @JacoDeJongh … will this work on my system if I connect it as we discussed here:

Will it work? Yes. Will you sometimes have a weird situation where the loads are powered by the Multi while the PV-inverters are throttled? Also yes. Will you get support in that case? Probably no :slight_smile:

I am honestly wondering if I shouldn’t just do it. @jacksdad, where are you based, Cape Town side? I mean, if TTT doesn’t take it, and you are local… maybe it’s time to pull the trigger and get one.

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Vredenburg. :slight_smile:

If you take it, and sort it all out, then I don’t have to “blow shiite up”.

Expect that yes.

What I want to see, If the MP is maxed at 4kw AND the house needs more power, that the Solis can step up and do its job and lower the Eskom draw.

Mmmh for some reason I got “Gordon’s bay” vibes around this one. You see, the only reason I want one is to look at the modbus regs. You can actually use the thing… !

Then do it!!!

If you are then done, I can take it over from you if you want?

@TheTerribleTriplet Please buy the Solis and ship it straight to @plonkster so he can sort the Modbus integration with Victron … please… :pray: :rofl:

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