Fibre optic to rj45 - media converter?

hi, fibre was installed to my home. out of the fibre box comes a fibre cable with a little jack, see image please, that connects with a zte-f649l router provided courtesy the zombies from zoom [and did they live up to their name…] - in the meantime my isp, webafrica, provided a zyxcel emg3525-tsob router WITHOUT a fibre jack female but an ordinary network cable with two rj45s. obviously the latter cant connect to the fibre cable - worse, no-one seems to be able to help with the zte router configuration and my lte will be suspended tomorrow [hotspots on mobile to the rescue…].
now i have options
1- wait until a non-robot answering service, i.e. a live person, gets in touch to explain the zte config - chances seem slim…
2- get a converter of sorts to convert the optic into data which can be fed via cable and rj45 to the zycel or other router or
3- somehow convert the zte router to an access point and feed the data from there via cable to another router - maybe the zyxel.
your thoughts please

Sounds like you need an ONT (Optical Network Terminal). It is a little box that sits on the wall, with its own power supply, fibre goes in one end, RJ45 ethernet comes out the other end. You then configure your normal router (same one you’d use with ADSL) to communicate with the ONT using PPPoE, as per normal.

For example, here is what the Frogfoot one looks like:

Your internet service provider is supposed to install one of those for you.

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bingo plonkster! i am sure those units are way cheaper than the lot of routers these guys make you purchase… redundancy par excellence… now to hunt down one - will micro robotics stock :thinking:
i know the isp should have installed it, but they will send in the zombies again… maybe, and that by itself is bad news… but maybe i should bite the bullet

I don’t know all that much about ONTs… I am unsure if you can just buy one and install it. Hopefully another network fundi will show up and tell us. My expertise pretty much stops where the RJ45 goes into the ONT.

Watwou, Afrihost, one sommer uses WhatsApp, the person on their side even asks for photos or vids to see what is potting on the equipment. Best support ever, when the Wifi is off, and one’s phone is still connecting via the cell towers, for support.

eish @TheTerribleTriplet - webafrica is giving isps a bad name with their whatsapp app - i’ve tried since about 1300 today to get hold of someone, all i got from their idiot app was “I’m sorry its taking longer than usual to connect you to an agent. I’ll keep trying…” :nauseated_face:… the end is neigh past tense for them, they have two options when you call them, press one for sales an press two for… and then you are unceremoniously cut off, no buts

Maybe consider swapping your ISP?

Ideal time too, as you have an issue, new brooms sweep clean …

easier thought than done if you are in the wille weste aka vredenburg, 120km out of civilization aka ct… another planet, i suppose that’s why elon’s father lives out here :slight_smile:

You did not even check, did you? :slight_smile:
Here you go, for your alleged wille weste …

now that seems like the 20/20 hindvision mantra to me :rofl:

will let my fingers do the walking tomorrow - anybody remember the yellow pages jingle?

allow me to quote as well…
“Mweb and WebAfrica are neck and neck for last place. Coming in with the lowest scores, Mweb and WebAfrica both exhibited a downward trend…" poll by

These ST connectors are only used in industrial applications. But I’ve never seen them used in for ONTs in the home.
Phone Frogfoot or Vumatel (the big fibre installers) and ask them…

I recently cancelled with webafrica, they demanded that I drive and take back the crappy POS router that they gave me 6 years ago or face a R999 bill. Luckily the router was still in a box gathering dust so wasted some diesel to deliver the piece of e-waste back to them. You are likely with OpenServe so I believe Openserve needs to give you a ONT. I got a huawei ONT, it looks like a wifi router and has a place where the fibre cable plugs in and then you plug in a network cable that goes to the router that webafrica gave you.

I cancelled with webafrica as I could not get hold of them over the weekend and my whole “smart” house was disabled because my internet was not working, Wife was not impressed when I could not turn on the heatpump remotely

The ONT should be part of your fibre install. If you don’t have it, the install is not finished.

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tx @iiznh & @Louisvdw … so webafrica cut my lte and the fibre ballsup has not been sorted - a faint light in the tunnel is i have found a lone but friendly zoom rep who informed me to connect the zyxel router to the zte via the rj45 network cable wan to lan. now everything lights up like a christmas tree but still no internet… i am on my mobile hotspot as we speak - will call the rep and hopefully all is set by tonite - ridiculous

Sorry I looked at you photo again, the green plug at the bottom shows that the ZTE is the ONT (optical network terminal) The green cable must plug into the ZTE and the Fibre termination box that they installed against your wall, then the PON light needs to light up
Look at the image I am attaching.
Then the RJ45 need to connect lan1/wan port with the Zyxel router lan/wan port.

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Don’t know this one… :thinking:

thanks @iiznh ! there is progress in this part of the woods - i connected zte to fibre, disabled its wifi, and used the network cable rj45 lan out and connected wan port at the zyxel router - all lights are ok except no internet - i have been able to enter the router and attach image of status - now try to get hold of webafrica :see_no_evil: before… oops, too late


If the “passive optical network” (PON) light is solid green and the “loss of service” (LOS) light is off, then it’s working properly . This means you’ll need to contact the company you buy your broadband from as there may be a problem with their network.

But it might be different on other routers