ESS Grid Setpoint

Quick question here:

I know the default grid setpoint is 40W. What would be the downsides to reducing this?

40W per hour over a month adds up…

I set all my single phase installations to 20Watt, works fine for me…

Jip, also 20w.

The downside is only in if your meter trips, or if you push back power and don’t get paid for it (or worse your meter charge you for the power pushed back)

In my case if I use the ET112 meter to include everything (stove and oven) then the MP II push power back up when the stove/oven is used and this trips my prepaid meter. I could get it to be less an issue by setting the ESS Grid point to 300W while the oven was in use, but that is not a long term solution. So I removed the ET112 and now the Multiplus do not know about the oven’s usage and all is fine.
I only have 1kW solar panels installed (soon to be 2kW) so the stove will not be using solar power anyway.
So my setting I kept at 50W. Might lower it when the extra panels are installed.

Okay, I set mine to 20W, will see how that goes.

So I don’t yet have a prepaid meter, but my understanding is that the newer prepaid meters shouldn’t do that? Any appliance on your circuits that quickly turns off would cause this to happen, though. Like a kettle/microwave/iron also.

You should see microwaves, induction plates … it is like for example +2kw then -2kw then +500w - then -500w … draw all over the show as they do their thing.

Cost me cents on the rand when system has to feed back on the PAYG meter.

My BEC23 meter was replace with a shining new BEC23 during lockdown. It’s the new one that does this. I did hear there is a code that the municipality can request from Conlog and load that will deactivate this resetting “feature”.
It was easier to just remove the meter from the equation for now.

Oh great, I really hope I don’t have this issue when they put me on a prepaid meter.

In Cpt they install a ITron PAYG meter, when you register.

Conlog’s have issues, yet can be adjusted, if the Munic makes the effort. Otherwise a Conlog may cause a wee bit of a hassle.

So would the ITron PAYG meter work? I fall under the CoCT municipality.

Jip, that is what I have … what CoCT installed.

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A small positive value is a good thing. The reason is that at zero, the accuracy of the meter is low and your signal to noise ratio is terrible. In other words, it is easier to aim and hit 10W or 20W than it is to hit zero. Nevertheless, if you don’t have a meter that trips easily, zero also works just fine…

Guess that begs the question, what do you have it set as? :smile:

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Mine is set to 10W.

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