DIY Serial battery driver for Victron GX

Hi Louis,

I am busy building a small battery and quickly put your software on my RPi (2B) to check it out - very nice work.

One thing I noticed is that VRM portal reports an incorrect temperature even though the correct temperature is seen on the DBUS. Any ideas why that would be ?


Also, is this the right place to report this?


Hi Ingo

I suspect this is not an issue with the battery driver, but how VRM works. The VRM Dashboard only updates for a few minutes and then you need to refresh it before it starts updating again.
This might be what you are seeing.

I suggest you rather switch on the Battery Temperature Sensor widget under the Advance tab.

This is the data that the driver populates and it will keep updating the graph while that page has focus, unlike the dashboard.

If the widget is correct and you have refreshed the dashboard and it is still showing the incorrect values you will have to contact Victron about that.

I hope this helps

You are 100% correct, the widget is correct but the dashboard finds a strange value. I will give the Victron forum a try.


Edit: I posted the question on the Modifications forum and after I posted I realised that just after adding the Temperature widget on the Advanced Tab the Dashboard updated to the correct value also. No idea where the 21 degrees came from but stranger things have happened…

If you look at the graph over a longer period (say 2 days) can you see the 21 somewhere in the history?
Also in your GX device what does your temperature sensor setting show under DVCC?

Exactly like yours, the correct sensor. I think it might have just been a glitch on the VRM side and didn’t accept the 27 when uploaded until I added the widget.

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Hi @Louisvdw

Completed my battery reconfiguration with the new 250A Daly - whenever you ready, please give a shout - no rush, working like a charm as is…


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I am super new to this and I really want it to work and can’t get it installed. I have Venus os on raspberry and I installed the file in the root of the sd card and rebooted the device and nothing. Tried the manual way and can’t really make sense of how to word it on the screen. Help please.

@Sergiocostict are you using a LTT smart BMS that is connected to your Raspberry PI?
Can you give some detail on the BMS you are using (cells, model, connection type) and which cable you are using.

Yes and thank you for your time and all. I have a JBD 7s li-ion connected by a rs485 to usb from jbd. Model # sp10s020 50a. The rs485 cable is a Chinese one but from the same company but I fear may not work. It communicates with the pc tho.

That cable from JBD should work fine. It use the FTDI chip which has a driver on Victron.

Did you put the file on the root of the SD card that the the Pi run the VenusOS from? That will not work. VenusOS only check for this install if a device is added to it after the Pi is running, so it cannot be on the OS device.

For a Pi the only way is to put the driver on a USB-Flash drive.

The SD option is only for Victron’s GX devices that can take a SD card that does not contain the VenusOS as well.

Ooh. Ok. Going to try and will get back to you.

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success. Now, do I have to keep the usb in the pi or no?

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You can remove the USB. It is only an install device and not used again.

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Again, thanks and this is great.

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I found it easier to use WinSCP to copy files from my PC to the Venus to upgrade the software.

FileZilla also works.

@Louisvdw sorted the file permission recently when copying between Win10 Pc and Linux.

@TheTerribleTriplet there is now also an installer script you can run on your GX if you don’t want to do the venus-data autoinstaller with a SD/USB-Flash.
It will download the latest release from the github repository, install and make sure the file permissions is fine. But you do need root SSH access while the SD/USB-Flash does not.

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100% Louis. I just put the idea out there … and yes, not for newbies. :wink:

Me, I will use the installer script as I have to have a rooted Venus OS for the Cronjobs.

Titbit: NOTHING works easy for me …
I found that with my Venus that if I unplug the BMS out of the USB port to upgrade the software, it gets interesting to get the ports back to what they were once you unplug the USB drive and plug the BMS back into the same port.

And the SD card, eish, cannot get in there with my thick fingers, due to the way the Venus is mounted.

On the Rpi Venus, not a problem, as there are spare USB ports.

I have same units of JK-BD2A24S20P installed. It have a CAN port but Venus GX don´t understand the frames…
Since I have BMS-CAN communication protocol, could you help adapting your script?
JDuarte (Portugal)

Yes the BMS’s CAN is not compatible with the Venus’s CAN.

My driver works with the serial-starter and dbus system that is built into the VenusOS.
The serial-starter handles the startup of the driver for any serial device.

The bluetooth module from your BMS should be working with a serial interface. If you can hook into there you can skip the CAN way.

Using theCAN, if you can read all the data from the CAN packets from the BMS, then we can add that to the driver to populate the dbus.

@justinschoeman build a CAN converter for a Daly BMS with an Adruino. Perhaps something like that can also work.

My cells finally arrived last week. I now had time to build the battery. @Louisvdw do I need a special version of the driver for daly BMS?