Contemplating a conversion

I was contemplating an electric conversion for an 80 series Land Cruiser…

To get an idea what I am in for, I tried to do some maths to get an idea of the motor requirements:

ev_motor.xlsx (8.7 KB)

(If anybody is bored, I would appreciate a cross-check on the calculations.)

The performance numbers look very close to the stock 4.5EFI, so the calculations may actually be correct.

The sad thing is that it seems that proper 4x4 without a gearbox is not going to happen. Unless you go for ridiculously oversized motors, it does not seem possible to get ascent gradients without using the low range box.

So it seems the best solution would be a ~120kW motor driving directly into the low range box.

Just playing at the moment, but any hints/comments would be appreciated.

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you might know but if not, freedom won apparently had their start in converting a jeep to electric.

any case, some very basic info on a (ahemmm) Defender 130 game viewer converted to electric by them.


The magic lies in the 80kW permanent magnet motor that is coupled directly to the original transfer case, which delivers 600N.m at low speeds thus effectively eliminating the need for a gearbox.

Comes very close to my calculations and conclusions.

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