Cleaning solar panels

This thread I found interesting: Cleaning solar panels

I hose my panels down once every 2-3 months in the dry season. No soap/detergent and no brush. Worked fine for me for the last almost 7years.

Maybe once a year I will remember. Water, sunlight liquid, and a good old “squidgee” like you’d use to clean car windows.

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Any opinions/experience on a high pressure hose??

My Karcher high-pressure hose has a setting for windows… I would assume that would be fine.

(The window setting is MUCH lower than paving btw.)

I saw non tier one panels with fine cracks, the high pressure water entered the panel and caused delamination. On normal panels you should be okay.

A better question would be, is it necessary?

Indeed! There seems to be a lack of consensus on the matter. The honourable Fluffy says he can’t detect any difference between clean and dirty panels but he has a window cleaning contract to clean them regularly…
I cleaned my panels today and will wait till tomorrow to see if there is any difference :thinking:

I have tested this and get about 10% extra when cleaning…
I cleaned very dusty panels @ 12:00 and got 10% more directly afterwards!
Common sense should support this as well I guess. Dirty vs clean windshield is a good example :wink:

Maybe I should have added more detail. Is high pressure washing enough, or is just a hosepipe enough?

I use bucket and “squeegie”…

How much did your cleaning just cool them down? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Almost none… I don’t clean during the peak times anymore… they are to hot (burn hazard hot) and the water just evaporates! I also don’t spray water with a hose (drought and all ;))

Oh I understood you cleaned them at 12:00pm per your previous post?

Anyways, I also (get my gardener to) clean mine early in the morning, before the sun is hot. I’ve not noticed that it makes a measurable difference in performance, but they’ve also not been very dirty. I do it for aesthetic reasons mainly. I don’t want to see bird droppings on my panels when I look up at my roof.


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Does anyone know what wavelength of the solar photovoltaic spectrum PV panels generate their power from?
I’m aware that it’s not the sun’s heat that we feel in sunlight…

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Cleaning panels makes a deference. I got myself one of that Blue Aluminum Telescopic Swimming Pool Pole that is 6m long, with a soft brush and a sprinkler head on front. Normal water and late afternoon when cleaning the panels.


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