CHINT 51.2V 106A Battery

Any reading material on this? Description, features, compatibility, datasheet? Cannot find anything on the Internet on CHINT batteries, even after all the google promoted sites.

What more do you want to know?

I think @JacoDeJongh knows this battery a bit better. Also saw it at the Solar Show in Sandton a few weeks ago, assuming it is the same one. Don’t know anything else about it though.

I don’t trust the brand names on any Chinese products. Chint is a fairly big company but they could easily be putting their label on this outsourced battery.
I think you have to check out the local company that is selling them rather… :thinking:

Like… Pylontech? :stuck_out_tongue:

That is precisely what is going on here. Chint is branding it, someone else supplies it. As I said, I saw the battery at the solar show last month, and the involvement is more than skin deep. If you trust Chint, you can trust this battery too (at least in the same measure I would say).

It is however not on the list of batteries tested with blue equipment, so from my side, I cannot say a thing about them. YMMV as they say.

I have heard that it’s almost impossible to establish who the manufacturer is for a Chinese made product. This info is kept very close to their chests…

In this day and age does it really matter if it’s made in China. Most things are made in China these days or has some parts from China.

There is good stuff out of China and the various levels of lesser quality.

Most lithium batteries that are available locally are coming out of China so you don’t really have an argument here. If it’s backed by a decent company then it’s far better then a startup.

Agree 100%
Even Blue Nova have products that are from China. Their 12V 8AH battery comes from there - not sure about prior models but definitely the latest batch I got recently.
I can’t think of any LiFePo4 cells that don’t come from China!

Indeed! The question is which company made them… :thinking:

On this forum I have learned that there are many components in a battery of this size. People open them up, look the electronics of the BMS, the quality of the packing, etc. So, all batteries from China are not equal. Somebody has already kicked the tyres of the known brands, they also have a track record.

I feel, if CHINT want the push a white-label battery, they should at least make some technical information available, even if it is a rewrite under their own name. I want read what I can and try and understand why this is a good battery.

For me, if it’s a product by a respectable manufacturer (here Chint) and there are specifications available in terms of capacity, warranty, c rating, cycle count, then they need to honor these if something goes wrong.

On the other forum, when pylontech was made out to look like poor quality and Hubble was being pushed because they were byd nmc cells, it didn’t really mean much. I use pylontech and many others I know use them without issues. Many bought in to the Hubble marketing and got burned really badly, having to wait weeks for support or for a workaround to be provided.

I’m sure there are problematic pylontechs just like how there are problematic XYZ products from any manufacturer.

When Hubble experienced the issues, the support they provided was horrendous, similar to what many are experiencing with sunsynk these days.

So as long as the support is in place from a decent supplier, it’s all that matters.

Absolutely! You need a phone number that you can phone…

Its a very well priced battery, using SVolt cells, you can look at the company profile Here. They have recently signed deals with multiple EV manufacturers.

Chint is a very big company, with many sub divisions, they own two PV panel company’s and are bringing their own inverters to the south african market in Q3. They also own NoArk and we will stock NoArk panels as well as NoArk inverters soon.

I like their first battery and sold a few, even installed a couple myself. We tested them on many different inverters and it had standard communication to all the inverters we tested. It communicates with Victron, Sunsynk, INVT, Mega Revo, Deye, Growatt and a few more. Its sends CCl, DCl and charge voltage correctly.

We were impress with its performance during testing and I had cabinets and hanging brackets build for them because they are not as wide as the normal 19inch battery’s.

I like the direct exchange warranty they offer us.

Build quality is quite good.

This one is in out Testing/Training centre.


Do you also work with SVolt 5.09Kwh 106ah batteries?

I’m asking, because if you would know if it communicates with Victron, Sunsynk, INVT, Mega Revo, Deye, Growatt and a few more. Its sends CCl, DCl and charge voltage correctly like the CHINT 106ah battery?

I received my unit 2 days ago. Haven’t tested comms yet. Got all those inverters except Deye in my Test/Training room, just need to move the battery from inverter to inverter. Its a bit disappointing that they moved a batch of 15cell into the market though they have 16cells available.

The one they have available now is 48volt 15Cell, I am after the 51.2volt 16Cell.

Will tell you soon.

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Coms tested on DCL, CCl and charge voltage on Victron, Sunsynk, Mega Revo, INvt. Working as expected.

Highest/lowest Cell numbers not displayed.

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Okay appreciate it, I purchased it last week and received my today a SVolt 5.09Kwh (15cell) 106ah wall mount battery. Origingally I wanted the 5.43Khw (16cell) but the supplier changed the deal to the 15cell.

I just want to know what inverters it will be compatable with on BMS level, I only know of someone that has it paired to a 8.5Khw fivestar inverter? I originally wanted to pair it up with the Luxpower hybrid 5K, but Luxpower SA are telling that it will only be in Lead/Acid battery mode (dumb mode), as thier propriety software has not been able to get compatible as the SVolt batteries are very new to residential home industry.

Please let me know what inverter you think you would pair it up with, I looking for hybrid, WIFI, Somewhat scalable and have excellent software to monitor the system anywhere in the world.


All of the mentioned inverters I used for testing is scalable and have WiFi and remote monitoring capabilities. When it comes to monitoring platforms, imo, Victron is first, Sunsynk 2nd, INVT and Mega Revo uses the same platform as Deye and a few other brands. (Not as good as the first two)

As for quality, I will always first go for Blue, Then the rest. Any one of the rest can also work, but it all boils down to your personal preference as well as the depth of your pockets.

I was leaning torwards the Victron.

I will look into it some more and then probably purchase a new one next week.

Thanks Jaco

I’m impressed at the uptake of the min/max voltage diagnostics by the market! That was a Victron invention which I now see others picking up as well. I love it.