CBI Astute Failure

Has anyone seen any failures?

Seems i have a CBI Astute Smart Isolator that died with loadshedding, it dropped offline and never came back, power cycled it even, nada.

Ill remove it later and see if theres a clear indication on what failed.

Im curious as I fitted this unit in July, that doesnt bode well for longevity.

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Have you tried to reset it and re-add to network? I had a bit of trouble getting mine connected initially, but super stable afterwards. My wifi was terrible at the time, so blamed that.

yup, mine died a while ago…


Its dead, as in no lights flash, doesnt respond to pushing the button or anything, dead.
Doubt I can re-add it to the network.

Ah. So you’ve tried turning it off, but the on again is the issue? You’re halfway there, don’t give up! :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe consider adding surge protection to the DB when you replace it?

These are pretty cheap and better than nothing I suppose:

Higher spec ones are closer to R3k+. Unsure where the sweet spot of price vs protection is.

I have 2 pole surge arrestor fitted already.
Both poles are still “green” and intact

Mine do have surge protection everywhere. Still it died.


That’s worrying.

O my. So glad I came across this heads-up.

Two things pop to mind:

  1. LS throws a lot down the lines when power is restored.
  2. All these “new” devices with hi-tech possibilities are not designed for No 1. They need clean power.


Sparkie must come now and install this: 12-01036 - Tripconnect 1P | Clearline Store
To keep the power away from the house for as long as it can, after Eskom LS is over. Also to protect the inverter before it syncs with Eskom.

@bexacom may be an idea to import them too?
Found one in Greece for R540 delivered to an address in Greece. Maybe having two brought in.


In my case, they are behind the Inverters, so no LS effects on them as they never see LS.


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Some investigation shows the WR3E chip isnt turning on, might be dead.
Could possibly save it if I replace with a ESP12-F

Have 2 in use on the non-essential side, so experiences loadshedding often. No problem yet…

Well, if the issue is with their PSU design, that might just leave you with a dead ESP12-F. It’s probably still a worthwhile experiment cost-wise?

ESP12S is easier to put on. With the ESP12F you need 2x additional resistors, one super tiny. With the ESP12S it is a drop-in replacement without any additional components required, because those pins are pulled down by default in the ESP12S already.

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@tinuva I should just courrier it to you :rofl:

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@TheTerribleTriplet Why did you decide against installing the AVS30?

Sparkie was here … the feeding breaker to the inverter is currently 50a. He said if installs it, he will change the supplying breaker to 30a.

I don’t want to do that. This was an on-the-spot-not-thinking-it-through purchase during the drama of the inverter.

For any supplying breaker of 30a, between DB and inverter/critical loads, it is ideal.