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I noticed that a lot of us are using Sonoff’s. Here’s an idea. why don’t we bulk order some of them form either Banggood or where ever they are the cheapest. I noticed that on bulk orders you could get then as low as R70 or even lower maybe per unit. Once in SA we distribute them accordingly.
Just a though , so any response , risks , problems or positives are valid on this one.
Old story if we don’t ask/talk we wont know :slight_smile:

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I would like to join but would ask you to add one or two other components as well. I was planning on ordering a few things.

And then please remember to use any expedited service for delivery, if you rely on China mail sending to SA postal service the chances of you receiving it is zero…

I agree. Also other thing that I noticed is that some items is shipped separately and that does push the charges.
Let start to make a “wish list” and see where it ends.

Good idea and I would also be interested in joining, Would add a few Sonoff units to the list, to play with.

I recently ordered a BMS direct from a Chinese manufacturer at half the selling price elsewhere. Comes with Bluetooth, an App, and PC software if you add a UART port. Also added, I think I got it right, a galvanically isolated CANbus port. Will see when the order arrives, as the Chinese mind and English language can be quite the challenge. :smile:

In that process I was pointed to https://www.scottshipping.co.za/

How they work:
You send them a link or links or ask a supplier to email them direct, like me with Alibaba.
They then get the supplier/s to quote, then they quoted me, I payed, they then place the order and done … delivery in progress with all it entails ito VAT, taxes etc to my doorstep.

If there is more than one item, I gather that they have delivery points all over the world to combine ones order/s into one consignment to SA.

Other option to look at in place of the Sonoff’s is Shelly. I’m using there stuff and they work super awesome!! go check them out. https://shelly.cloud/

I’m using the Shelly EM in my setup to read my power use and it works really nice : https://shelly.cloud/products/shelly-em-smart-home-automation-device/

You can buy direct from them and they got a Fix rate of 32€ with DHL and you can add allot off stuff in the box then. https://shop.shelly.cloud/

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I had a look at them at one stage but at 10.90€ (R 230) for a shelly1 they do not come at a steal. But I do like the smaller format.

Just for fun lets start a short list and see where we end.

Paul :
SonOff Basic : 10

Cost incl Express Shipping : R 1 223.39
Cost per Unit : R 122.33

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Just keen a eye, they sometimes got a sale on. You must check the 3d printing stuff the guys make for the shelly to mount them in a DB. They got a FB page.

Pity I’ve already spent the money on getting everything conceivable ‘smarted up’ in our home.

Nice incentive though

But you can get the Sonoff Basic from Communica for R119?

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You see that is why these treads are useful , thanks. I will have a look there as well

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I also found a sonoff Din rail mount , but I suspect the other will have a smaller foot print.

Yes. It’s super small. This is shelly EM in my hand.

Here is the a link for the din rail 3d prints for them.

Yes. They are a bit more expensive but you can do alot of stuff and thete app snd platform/cloud work really good.

I have to admit that is the one thing I dont care for. I dont like the idea of using an outside provider. So regardless of what I use I will load tasmota or equivalent on it.

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Sorry to resurrect this!

I’ve played around with the Shelly’s before (I have 2x Shelly 1’s, 2 Shelly 2’s, 2 Shelly’s PM in my house) and I must agree, I’ve actually loaded Tasmota on them.

The reason – Wifi stability. I had some Wifi issues in my house where devices drop, and the shelly’s couldn’t recover/reconnect 1/10 times. The pain is, I have them behind light switches, so I have to go and through the DB switch to “reset” them to get back on the network. Quite the pain!

They work perfectly on Tasmota – I find Tasmota’s Wifi recovery very good.

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On my list.

Great idea to join forces! And I had a couple of 15% off coupons I used since lockdown. If I get more will let you guys know.

Strange thing is the shipping has been way faster for me in lockdown. And the items were delivered to my door. The last 2 orders I had to collect from Clicks and a shoe shop :thinking:.


It is about 20% cheaper than local but then support is quite a mission. For me the mark is if the items is about 40% cheaper than local I am willing to take the risk. So at the moment I am waiting to see if prices improves.

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Seems like most places in SA are sold out of Nodemcu/D1 minis.

D1 is stupid cheap on banggood ($3 https://banggood.app.link/jsa5KKvnpbb ), with a fairly flat shipping rate of $7 regardless of how many you order.

Anyone in CT interested?